Black Mirror season 5, episode 2 recap: Smithereens

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Photo: Black Mirror Season 5 production still / Netflix

Where’s Billy?

After negotiations fail, the Silicon Valley staff realize that they have to contact Billy. Billy is currently in Utah on a 10-day tech detox, and though Wu is reluctant to disturb him, they do not really have a choice.

Billy’s desert ‘detox’ takes place in a beautiful glass house that is so far removed from nature it’s almost laughable. Billy doesn’t take kindly to being interrupted but insists on talking to Chris despite the FBI and his team warning him against it.

Back in England, Jaden keeps talking to Chris, but Chris is assaulted by images of his fiancée – he’s still reeling from her death and finally calms Jaden down by explaining that his gun isn’t real. Is he telling the truth? Everyone has heard Chris’ declaration but the gun and they begin making a move to confront Chris. Billy, as well, is relieved.

The two bystanders who have been posting about the scene online also reveal that the gun isn’t real. And that is a huge mistake. Chris is checking social feeds and the gun was his yardstick. As CS Grace makes a move to apprehend Chris, he fires the gun, threatening to escalate the situation further if he isn’t allowed to speak to Billy.

Despite every single person insisting Billy stay out of this, Billy cuts them off and invokes ‘God-mode’ to get Chris’ contact details. Does Zuckerberg have that option in real life? When Billy is finally on the line, it takes Chris a moment to formulate his thoughts about he needs to say.