Black Mirror season 5, episode 3 recap: Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too

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Photo: Black Mirror Season 5 production still / Netflix

Ashley’s Rebellion

Ashley is managed by her aunt, Catherine (Susan Pourfar), who is revelling in the fame and money. Ashley’s musical inspirations come to her in her sleep and her latest is a dark and somber one. She insists she’s fine, but Catherine and the viewer can see that she’s not.

Ashley has a brand persona that Catherine doesn’t want her to move away from. She doesn’t want deep, meaningful songs and it seems that’s all Ashley has been writing off late. They are behind on the album and Ashley Too sales haven’t been recouped yet. Catherine is worried. Apparently, she has Ashley on a bunch of meds to maintain her creativity, which is a super disturbing thought.

Ashley hasn’t been taking this medication for a while, unbeknownst to her aunt. She’s been spitting them out when her team isn’t looking. But that’s not enough, Ashley’s creativity is completely stifled. She has to dress and look the exact same way because that’s who the fans want (or so her aunt says).

Ashley doesn’t know that her aunt had cameras hidden in her dressing room. Catherine finds out about her stockpiling her medication; she also finds Ashley’s diary.


Jack is so perturbed by Ashley Too’s influence, she decides to lock the robot away in the attic. When Rachel goes looking for the robot, Jack claims she threw it out. Rachel is horrified, claiming Ashley Too was her only friend. But Jack won’t back down – the robot was bad for Rachel. The two sisters have grown apart since their mother’s death, and the robot isn’t helping.

In the meantime, Catherine invites Ashley for a meal, but it’s an ambush. She confronts Ashley about the medication and her diary. Catherine has also been snooping in Ashley’s laptop. Ashley feels trapped and like Catherine is controlling her every move; she wants out and the medication is evidence that will help break the contract between the two of them.

Catherine reminds Ashley of everything she has sacrificed for her niece. She was only 22 when Ashley’s parents died and she had to take the girl in. She has worked hard to keep the spotlight on Ashley, but Ashley feels like she’s the only one pulling the weight. Unable to prove her point, Ashley tries to leave the conversation, but Catherine drugged her dinner with the stockpiled medication. The medication doesn’t kill Ashley, it puts her in an ‘irreversible coma’. When Rachel and Jack see the news, Jack hands Rachel her Ashley Too back.

Since this is Black Mirror, inducing Ashley’s coma isn’t the most devastating thing that Catherine does. Nope, her plan is much worse.