Netflix’s Dark season 2 premiere recap: Beginnings and Endings

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Uncovering Secrets

The youngsters in Winden are feeling the loss of their peers the most. There’s fear, but mostly uncertainty. As they try to navigate their lives and romances, Mikkel’s mother, Katharina Nielsen, has decided to investigate the caves where her son was last seen, on her own. She creates her own map from her findings.

The Nielsens have been hit the hardest – not only was the youngest son, Mikkel, lost in 1986, but his father Ulrich followed his son and has now been accused of murder in the past as well. Magnus, the oldest Nielsen child, desperately hangs on to his relationship with Franziska Doppler, but his sister Martha is troubled over the loss of two of her family members, and also Jonas. She breaks off her on-and-off romance with Bartosz Tiedemann, saying she feels he’s hiding something from her. Bartosz deflects the statement saying he’s worried about his mother dying of cancer, but viewers will remember that Bartosz made a deal with Noah in the first season of Dark, and is still working for him.

Martha returns home searching for her mother and finds her father’s files on the missing persons and the cave. That’s how Katharina knew where to go. Martha is distraught that all the adults around her are keeping secrets from the kids.

Meanwhile, young Elizabeth Doppler is looking through her grandparents’ things with her father, Peter, when she comes across a photograph of Adam and Noah. She recognizes Noah from season one of Dark and informs her father. Peter immediately messages his wife. Charlotte and Peter look at the image of Noah together and are completely confounded. The photograph is from 1921, so how does Noah look the same? Why did Charlotte’s father, Helge, have this photograph? This is just one additional item to add to the conspiracy of the missing persons.