Netflix’s Dark season 2 premiere recap: Beginnings and Endings

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Jonas in 2052

Season one of Dark ended with Jonas Kahnwald falling through a wormhole and into the future. The future is desolate and decrepit – a real dystopia. Jonas has found his childhood home and lives there; it’s still erect, though ramshackle. There is still a singed image of him and his parents hanging on the wall. Jonas scavenges wears on his own as the town of Winden looks completely abandoned.

While looking at a picture of his lost love, Martha Neilsen, Jonas listens to a tape recording of Claudia Tiedemann, one of the few survivors of the June 27, 2020 apocalypse. She hopes to use the God particle to return to the past and save everyone, but she has to stabilize it first. Doesn’t look like Claudia succeeded, considering the state of the world in 2052.

Jonas walks through a cemetery full of gravestones engraved with the names of people he knew. As he pauses to leave the framed picture of his family on his father’s grave, Jonas turns to look at another tombstone – that of Martha’s.

He leaves and finally comes across some people. It’s not the best gathering he’s chosen to stumble onto as some people are being hanged. A vehement leader signs her warning to the flock, no one is to enter the Dead Zone on pain of death.

She turns to Jonas demanding his whereabouts. Seems like the future residents of Winden are awaiting the fulfillment of the same prophecy that young Noah was expecting – they believe the door with ‘Sic Mundus Creatus Est’ will re-open and lead them to paradise. But Jonas doesn’t care. He can only think of his era and the approaching apocalypse. Jonas wants to go home, but he stops to ask what the executed men wanted from the Dead Zone. When the leader refuses to answer, Jonas walks away. The leader is none other than Sheriff Doppler’s younger daughter, Elizabeth.

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Jonas has obviously been searching for something, and the season two premiere of Dark shows him finally entering a radioactive area. Jonas looks up to find an anomaly floating in the air – whatever it is, it’s not good news.

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