Legion season 3 premiere recap: Chapter 20

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Legion-Chapter 20-Courtesy of Suzanne Tenner/FX

Do You Even Lift, Bro

Amal Farouk temporarily contains Switch in the astral plane. He calls her a cheater for using time travel. He explains his complicated history with David. Then he goes full toxic male by telling Switch that he had relations with a time traveler once. He’s heard they’re all women. Farouk waxes poetic about it. Maybe all time travelers are female because women are constantly full of regret and conscious of missed chances. Yikes. Switch ends the conversation by flipping a tea service and using it as a door out of the astral plane.

We are back in the recent past now. But, remember, it’s the future. Ptonomy is newly constructed. Clark is hellbent on killing David and Switch, if need be. Farouk warns them of the formidable time traveler and suggests that Syd stay behind this time. She’s clearly out for revenge. She also flexes cool wrist tattoos that say Me and First. But she insists on going. David is trapped. He may beg for help from the evil brought upon him, but it’s unclear if he’ll be able to escape. As we see the beginning of the raid from the Division 3 side of the story, it looks like we’re about to get round three of the same battle. But Switch has gone back four hours. This was long enough to give David time to move the entire compound, foundation and all, into the ether. For now, David has escaped.

What a great season premiere! It was completely fresh and consistently out there. But it stayed true to the story and characters. There is growth. And we get reintroduced to everyone in a natural setting of the table. I can’t wait for the next few weeks of psychedelic warfare. I can’t help wondering if Switch is literally attempting to switch the final outcome of a final conflict that we haven’t seen. That’s why we meet her listening to specific chapters in her time traveling studies. Welcome back, Legion!

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