Yellowstone season 2, episode 2 recap: ‘New Beginnings’

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Beth Dutton (R- Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (L-Cole Hauser) reminice about their relationship on Yellowtone season 2 episode “New Beginnings” airing Wednesday, June 26 at 10 p.m., ET/PT on Paramount Network.

That evening at dinner, Beth comes in late and notices Kayce’s bruises. She asks what happened but John doesn’t want to talk about work at the table. Beth changes the subject to something else work-related and John objects. Beth goes off. She points out that they all live and breathe work so if they don’t talk about that what will they do, just eat in silence? She then declares that she’ll talk about whatever she wants and stalks off.

Kayce observes that nothing’s changed with Beth. John says he doesn’t think Beth’s made it through a whole meal since she was 11.

Beth is taking a walk on the property when she sees Rip in the distance. She notices his bruises and puts two and two together. She comments that it was quite the sacrifice he made. Rip agrees but says it’s what her father wanted.

Beth tells him she remembers when she first saw him and he was wild and angry and completely  devoted to John. She was worried John would love Rip more some day but he doesn’t. Rip isn’t surprised. Beth asks him not to leave. Rip assures her that the Duttons are his family whether they think of him that way or not.

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At home on the reservation, Monica tells Tate that they’re moving into university housing. Tate seems excited. Monica’s grandfather asks her about Kayce. Monica says the new place is actually closer to Kayce, but that’s not what he means. He tells her she has to really think about the decisions she makes. She assures him she has. But he reminds her that she and Kayce were married in ceremony, which means they’re married in the afterlife no matter what happens in this one. She should try to work it out with him or she’ll be miserable forever.

Later, Beth approaches Kayce on the porch of his new home. Beth asks him why he doesn’t just live in the main house. Kayce replies that grown men don’t live with their fathers but Beth observes grown men also don’t kick others out of the only homes they’ve ever known. Kayce says Rip could use the humility. Kayce thinks Rip’s a bully but Beth says that’s not true. Rip’s what their father made him.

Beth comments that Kayce gave up on the life he worked so hard to build with Monica pretty fast. Kayce says Monica doesn’t want that life anymore. Beth correctly guesses that Monica was worried Kayce would turn into John. And instead of proving her wrong, Kayce came right back to Yellowstone. Kayce says he’s just trying to protect the only thing he has to give Monica and Tate. Beth yells that she’s protecting it. She doesn’t believe Kayce has the ability to navigate the intricacies of running the ranch. She wants him to go home to Monica and stay away from their father. If Kayce does that, when John dies, Beth claims she’ll give the ranch to Kayce.

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The next day, Kayce takes John to physical therapy. John isn’t being a very good patient and Kayce watches, laughing, John swims away in a snit and runs right into Monica, who’s also in a physical therapy session. Tate sees Kayce and is overjoyed. Monica and Kayce share a meaningful look as the episode ends.

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