Fleabag: 5 reasons this Amazon show is must-watch television

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Photo: Fleabag: Season 2 / Amazon. Credit: Steve Schofield

With so much good television out there, it’s rare for any show to rise above the rest. There’s a case to be made, however, that Fleabag has done just this.

(This article contains no significant spoilers from Fleabag season one and two)

Season two of Amazon Prime Video’s Fleabag was released in March and April of this year. It received significant praise in pockets of the internet, but still feels a bit under the radar.

Since the second season was also (most likely) the final installment for the show, it won’t have another chance to build up the hype and fan base with another season. THIS is why it’s so important that the show get its due now. Here are five reasons to watch Fleabag (besides the fact I STRONGLY recommend it).

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1. Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a unique talent

Waller-Bridge is the show’s creator, writer, and lead actor. Prior to season one’s airing in 2016, she performed a one-woman play-version of Fleabag at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2013.

Fleabag is Waller-Bridge’s “baby.” She clearly poured her heart into it, and this comes across in both her writing and acting in the television adaptation.

Along with Fleabag, she was the showrunner for season one of the critically acclaimed show Killing Eve, for which she earned an Emmy nominee. In March, HBO announced that Waller-Bridge will be acting in and executive producing the comedy series Run (release date unknown).

The 33-year-old will continue to shine brighter and brighter. It’s worth jumping on the bandwagon now.