Fleabag: 5 reasons this Amazon show is must-watch television

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Photo: Fleabag: Season 2 / Amazon. Credit: Steve Schofield

4. It uses a “never-before-seen” filmmaking technique

Fleabag uses a creative filmmaking approach that in itself makes a viewing worthwhile. The lead character consistently “breaks the fourth wall” over the course of the series; she speaks to the audience, providing both quips and context as she goes about her life.

Other shows have broken the fourth wall, but Fleabag does so in a unique way. Tune in to see how the device is employed. It might be a bit jarring at first, but one gets used to it eventually.

Photo: Fleabag: Season 2 / Amazon. Credit: Steve Schofield

5. Andrew Scott is phenomenal in season two

Fleabag season one was very highly regarded, but season two arguably went to another level. There’s likely no bigger reason for this than the performance of Andrew Scott, who doesn’t appear in season one.

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Prior to this year, Scott was best known for his portrayal of the villain James Moriarty in Sherlock. 2019 has been a big year for him; he not only appeared in Fleabag but had a starring role in one of Black Mirror’s new episodes.

The combination of Scott’s incredible acting and his character’s unique story arc makes the performance very memorable.

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