Jessica Jones season 3 review: A dark conclusion for the Netflix/Marvel universe

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Speaking of Dorothy, I actually found her to be pretty interesting this season. She’s been a selfish woman throughout the series but this season really drove the point home that she does love both of her daughters. While Dorothy doesn’t totally understand what’s best for either of them, it was refreshing to see her get on board with Trish’s powers and want to help Jess.

When Netflix teased that someone would die, pushing Jessica to take down Salinger, my first thought was that it would be Malcolm. However, Dorothy’s death was actually pretty poignant and emotional. For Trish, she can’t help but let her mom back in for the hundredth time because she’s still her mother. Finally, when the two are on good ground, she gets violently ripped away from her. Meanwhile in Dorothy’s will, Jessica is left an armchair which showed that despite their disagreements, Dorothy did seem to care about her foster daughter.

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Photo Credit: Netflix

Like the previous seasons, Jessica Jones had difficulty working Jeri Hogarth into the storylines. She’s the only character who I didn’t think deserved a happy ending and thankfully she doesn’t get one. After three seasons of serving her own self-interests, she’s finally left alone. She will be forced to succumb to her disease slowly, with not one person who will help her through it.

Malcolm’s storyline with his girlfriend and job also felt a bit out of place. I can appreciate what the show was trying to do with Malcolm wrestling with the moral dilemma of defending some awful people in order to earn a strong reputation but it feels like a bit of wasted time. Nonetheless, Eka Darville does a great job selling the emotional goodbye scene with Jessica Jones in the finale. That moment is ruined when Jessica decides to stay in New York, but hey, at least that scene was a knockout.