The Handmaid’s Tale season 3, episode 6 recap: Household


The Handmaid’s Tale drops a huge Nick reveal while June joins the Waterfords in Washington D.C.

The Handmaid’s Tale takes things to the next level as the Waterfords and June travel to Washington D.C. to continue the conversation and conduct a massive prayer about getting Nichole back to the states. But their arrival in D.C. brings one shocking revelation, the Handmaids there are literally kept quiet with rings shutting their mouths tight and a piece of red cloth over it. Yeah, it’s a bit jarring, to say the least.

After her arrival in D.C., June is quickly whisked away by Serena and Commander Ford as they head to High Commander Winslow’s home, where they will be staying. It’s a bit strange when they arrive because it turns out the Winslows have six children and their house is a bit more cheery than we’re used to, apart from the whole Handmaid has to wear mouth rings thing.

The next day, June is practicing the big prayer with other Handmaids when Nick shows up out of nowhere. Did anyone else feel a burst of happiness at seeing this scene go down? I know things are complicated between them, but seeing them together always makes me happy.

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Despite everything that is going on, June is still trying to convince Serena to stop trying to get Nichole back. She knows it’s not what she really wants but she is letting the emotions get the best of her, and Serena is well aware that having Nichole out of Gilead is the best life for her. Their conversation is cut short when Fred shows up bearing news that the Swiss will act as a neutral party between Canada and Gilead for their talks.

It turns out the Swiss representatives want to talk to June alone, which freaks out both Serena and Ford, but means June gets a chance to say what she really wants. Seeing as how she is Nichole’s mother and Nick is the father, she believes that if both parents want Nichole to stay in Canada, then that is how it should be. She makes a deal to have Nick come forward and tell them everything he knows given that he’s been behind the scenes more than anyone else.

There’s just one issue, though. Nick doesn’t want to but agrees to for June’s sake. But The Handmaid’s Tale fans know that things aren’t going to work out so easily for June, and they don’t. The next day, June finds out that not only is Nick not being considered as a reliable source, but he has left for Chicago. And as a final dagger to the chest, June is alerted to the fact that Nick was something else before Gilead came to be.

Out of curiosity, she asks Serena who Nick was before all of this, and learns that Nick has been a part of the crusade from the start. In fact, a lot of things wouldn’t have worked out if Nick wasn’t a part of them. Say what?! He’s a traitor!? No, no, NO! Why, The Handmaid’s Tale, why?!

The morning of the big televised prayer arrives, and as June prepares for it, Aunt Lydia brings in something new for June to wear–her very own mouth scarf sans the rings. Ugh, please tell me the rings aren’t next. The scene shifts to June standing in front of a beheaded Lincoln Memorial as Serena joins her.

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Their conversation is anything but pleasant and ends in June telling Serena she doesn’t know how to love and therefore she shouldn’t have Nichole. It’s harsh, but it’s not far from the truth. Just look at what Serena is responsible for creating!

The episode ends with a massive crowd of Handmaids gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool as Fred begins the prayer and looks to June to initiate it. I don’t know what’s going to happen from here on out, but I am stressed.

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