Titans: It looks like Starfire is getting a new hairstyle for season 2!


Starfire is heading into Titans season 2 with a new hairstyle!

It’s hard to forget the instant backlash Titans faced when it unveiled Starfire’s look before season 1 even premiered. Based on a new video shared by Anna Diop, it sounds like the creative team heard the complaints and have begun incorporating an iconic part of her style for season 2.


As seen above, Diop is still rocking a magenta wig but her hair is now much straighter compared to the curly look from the freshman season. In the comics, Starfire tends to have straight or wavy hair, so this does seem more comic accurate.

Titans is holding its cards close to its chest this time around and hasn’t been unveiling that much new information about season 2 outside of casting updates. However, it has been teased that new costumes could be coming in the upcoming episodes. With Dick Grayson undoubtedly scoring a new Nightwing suit, we would love to see Starfire and Donna Troy both get new costumes even if the former’s look grew on us by the end.

The DC Universe flagship series will be heading to San Diego Comic Con in July where attendees will get a sneak peek at season 2. Warner Brothers revealed earlier this week that Doom PatrolYoung Justice: OutsidersHarley Quinn, and Titans will all be in attendance.

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Titans wrapped its freshman run on a major cliffhanger which left the team divided. However, the post-credits scene is what really has viewers excited. Joshua Orpin was spotted on set rocking his Superboy look and we can’t wait to see how the superhero show handles the massive amount of new characters joining this fall.

Do you like Starfire’s new hairstyle? Are you hoping for a costume change or do you like the old look? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!

Source: Comicbook