Big Little Lies season 2, episode 5 recap: Kill me

As Big Little Lies inches closer to a conclusion (for now?), things seem to be spiraling out of control for the Monterey Five.

It seems as though things will unravel rather quickly on Big Little Lies. In what was a bit of a slow episode, the ending threw it into drive.

With Mary Louise suing Celeste for (temporary) custody of Max and Josh, it comes to light that the Monterey Five may be forced to get involved. Celeste rightfully shoots down Mary Louise’s joint custody offer, but if it goes to a hearing, Perry’s death could come up.

Season 2, episode 5, debut 7/7/19: Meryl Streep.
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In other words, Mary Louise is merely an instrument of the police department. She didn’t just come to this idea on her own; she had help.

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Season 2, episode 5, debut 7/7/19: Nicole Kidman.
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I’ll start with Celeste this week since it seems as though much of “Kill Me” had to do with her.

While she’s dealing with this custody battle, she also has to deal with Max and Josh getting suspended at school for fighting. Really, they were defending their brother against a bully, which we’ll talk about later.

The boys are certainly making things challenging for her, but as soon as they find out that their grandmother wants to take them away from their mother, they soften. The boys don’t want to leave her and vow to protect her.

Season 2, episode 5, debut 7/7/19: Zoë Kravitz, Martin Donovan.
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While Bonnie seems to be doing much better, considering her mother is still in the hospital, she’s still dealing with her immense guilt from killing Perry. Her father has also dredged up some old feelings. While we don’t know exactly what happened in her past, it seems as though her mother had rage issues and Bonnie feels that her father didn’t protect her enough.

At the end of the episode, Bonnie seems to be circling the police station yet again, but this time sees Corey leaving with a police officer. Bonnie and Corey lock eyes.

Season 2, episode 5, debut 7/7/19: Iain Armitage, Shailene Woodley.
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So, is Corey working with the police as a spy on Jane? Just when it seems as though Jane is finally finding some peace, Corey may not be that solace. They finally kiss this episode, but she ends up in tears.

Jane is also dealing with the fact that people know that she was raped. Not only that, kids in Ziggy’s school know that and bully him about it, hence my Max and Josh came to his rescue. It’s so upsetting to see an eight-year-old have to come to terms with the fact that he is a product of rape.

Season 2, episode 5, debut 7/7/19: Laura Dern, Meryl Streep.
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The hits keep coming for Renata. As if she hasn’t suffered enough, now she finds out she won’t be appearing in a special “Women in Power” issue of a magazine.

When she finds out what Mary Louise is doing to Celeste, she invites her over for tea. It reminded me of the Real Housewives when women try to smooth things over during lunch or drink. Of course, the tea is derailed with Mary Louise’s blunt opinion of how she perceives Renata.

Season 2, episode 5, debut 7/7/19: Adam Scott, Sarah Sokolovic.
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Ed agrees to go to a couples retreat with Madeline, but it’s not that helpful. Call me crazy, but how is hugging random strangers supposed to fix their marriage?

After they leave, they have an honest conversation. Ed feels like he just checked off the boxes for her; there was no passion for him. Madeline doesn’t understand why she cheated but promises him that even though she would probably screw up again, it won’t be from being unfaithful.

There was one moment, as Ed diced up some peppers, Chloe sees him, walks up and hugs him. It’s almost silent but so impactful. He’s staying with Madeline for his daughter.

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At the very end, Ed sits at a bar alone and is approached by Tori (Joseph’s wife) and begins flirting with him. Just when it seems like he is about to give in to this temptation and Tori’s new boobs, he spots Joseph across the bar.

I can’t tell if this is actually happening or if this is in his imagination. I guess we’ll find out next week.

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