Stranger Things 3 flays record number of viewers

The early, and very selective, numbers are in from Netflix. Stranger Things 3 ratings are setting records for the streaming service. We’ve got the details!

The Duffer Brothers and Netflix set Stranger Things 3 up to score huge ratings. The season takes place over the 4th of July Holiday. It hit the streaming service on the early morning hours of July 4th. Fans and new viewers alike had four days to binge the entire season or catch up on all 25 episodes. The holiday release worked for Spider Man: Far from Home, which made a franchise record $185 million over the full, six day holiday weekend, per Deadline. And, per a report from The Hollywood Reporter, it worked for our heroes from Hawkins, as well.

Netflix gives us selective data dumps after big premieres like Stranger Things. Their latest numbers tout 40.7 million member accounts having watched at least 70% of an episode of season three. If that sounds random, it is. But Netflix backs it up with the more solid 18.2 million member accounts which have already completed the entire season. Per Netflix, that’s the fastest that one of their shows has ever accumulated that large of an audience.

Netflix doesn’t provide metrics for individual episodes. So, we’re stuck with this macro view of the season’s viewership. It felt like this season was the most marketed of the three. The first cryptic trailer was dropped at midnight on New Year’s Eve and gave us a premiere date, theme, and feel for what the season would look like. The neon colors and promise of more Mileven had fans geeked.

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If these numbers hold to be true, that’s awesome. I’m a fan of the show. But, The Duffer Brothers and Netflix may have reached a plateau with Stranger Things 3. When watching this season, you can’t help but feel we’ve seen some of the same stories before.

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We all remember the backlash when the the show tried to break from the mold with the Chicago episode last season. The fandom seems to be in a weird place. I know I already can’t wait for the next season. And I feel a lot of people want to see what’s next for our heroes. There’s an excellent chance that Stranger Things 4 will set even bigger records whenever it premieres.

Have you already streamed all of Stranger Things 3? Do you usually binge a show that quickly? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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