Outlander: The Droughtlander is going to last until at least 2020


Outlander fans, it looks the Droughtlander is going to be a long one this time around.

Outlander fans know that often what is famously known as the “Droughtlander”, aka the time in between seasons, lasts for a bit too longer than we’d like it to. it’s almost painful how long we have had to wait and it looks like that’s not going to change for season 5. Deadline brought forth the sad announcement that Outlander will not be returning until 2020. Ugh, I was really hoping for like an October/November start date!

So, why do we have to wait so long? Well, first things first, the show is said to return 2020, so at least we have that reassurance, but there is also a bit more involved with the push into 2020 as explained by Starz COO Jeffrey Hirsch.

"The decision behind everything that we do in terms of our programming schedule is based on delivery schedules. We try to have something on the air to serve the premium female audience. We have some shows coming before that serve the Power audience."

But, but, but, what about the Jamie Fraser loving audience? Don’t we deserve something sooner than 2020? I mean we did wait over a year in between seasons 2 and 3 and then again between seasons 3 and 4. Isn’t that enough torture?!

Outlander is the type of show that becomes hard to live without, and although we can go back and watch old episodes, it’s not the same as the feeling of getting brand-new episodes to watch every week. But the wait is always worth it when the series inevitably does return and come back into our lives so I will give STARZ the benefit of the doubt that they’ve made the right decision.

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But if anyone that can do anything about shortening the Droughtlander between seasons 5 and 6, then us Outlander fans would be forever grateful for this. No premiere date has been announced for season 5 just yet, but don’t you worry, because as soon as we know, you’ll know–we promise.