Raising Dion is no easy task in the trailer for Netflix’s new superhero show

Photo: Ja'Siah Young.. Raising Dion: Season 1.. Netflix
Photo: Ja'Siah Young.. Raising Dion: Season 1.. Netflix /

Raising Dion will be a unique challenge in the new trailer for Netflix’s latest show.

Michael B. Jordan’s upcoming superhero series has gotten its first trailer and it already looks like an action-packed ride. Raising Dion will follow the titular character and his family as they navigate both his new powers and loss.

The series is about Dion Reese (newcomer Ja’Siah Young), a young boy who develops incredible abilities. In the trailer alone, he can be seen teleporting to various places, utilizing some kind of telekinetic talent, and maybe even controlling the weather. Naturally, someone who has superpowers becomes a target and the government comes after Dion right away.

However, he has two fierce protectors. The first is his newly widowed mother, Nicole (Shadowhunters‘ Alisha Wainwright) who will do anything for her son. However, she’s still grieving the death of her husband, Mark (played by Michael B. Jordan) and that makes everything just a little bit harder. Mark’s best friend, Pat (Parenthood‘s Jason Ritter) has also stepped up to help the family. Pat is a bit of a comic book fanatic and incredibly loyal and based on the trailer he maintains a close relationship with both Nicole and Dion.

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Based on the trailer, there will be more than just the government who look to get their hands on Dion. Mark is a former scientist and based on the memorial for him, a pretty infamous one. It’s revealed a bit cryptically in the trailer that Mark died in a “mysterious storm” and those same storms seem to be attracted to Dion as well. Could that giant wind figure be Mark or is it something more sinister?

The series will be available to watch on Netflix starting October 4.

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Source: Deadline