Another Life: Netflix sci-fi show has been renewed for a second season


The Katee Sackhoff-starring Netflix show, Another Life, will return for a sophomore. Time to prepare for more space drama and alien hunts.

Netflix continues to expand its science-fiction programming. Deadline reports that Another Life has been renewed for a second season. The show has been picked up for a 10-episode season, with cast members Katee Sackhoff, Justin Chatwin, Samuel Anderson, and Elizabeth Faith Ludlow set to return. No announcement has been made about supporting cast members but considering the number of characters who were killed off in the first season of the show, we can expect several additions.

Another Life followed reluctant ship captain Niko (played by Sackhoff) on a mission to investigate an alien Artifact. Along the way, Niko attempted to overcome her PTSD from a painful decision she made during a previous mission, all the while wrangling a mutinous crew who dissented her captaincy at every turn. On Earth, Niko’s husband Erik (Chatwin) attempted to decode the Artifact to less than stellar results. There was high drama, jump scares and plenty of murder and mayhem.

It’s almost a surprise that Netflix has chosen to renew Another Life, because despite Sackhoff’s earnest performance, the writing on the show let it down in each episode and it was hard to remain invested in the characters. The conflicts often felt manufactured, and the resolutions too easy. If the showrunners do not improve the writing on the show, it’s unlikely the series will maintain its popularity. The one bright spark was that the show cast a nonbinary actor, JayR Tinaco, to play a nonbinary character, and none of the characters commented on it!

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There were, however, plenty of plot points left to be explored following the show’s cliffhanger ending. A new alien was discovered, and Erik had made something of a breakthrough regarding the Artifact in the finale. But the show ended with all hope lost, so here’s hoping Niko and the others find some in the new season.

Production on Another Life is set to begin next year, though no premiere date has been released yet.

Are you looking forward to Another Life returning?