11 binge-worthy Netflix originals to end the year right

The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes
The Witcher - Credit: Katalin Vermes /
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YOU: Season Two – December 26

This series caused some troubling controversy when some female viewers admitted to finding the relationship between an abusive stalker and his girlfriend romantic. This says more about our culture and how we’ve been taught to view romance than it does about these women and hopefully, the second season can shed some light on these issues and educate women to recognize the signs and methods of abuse in relationships.

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I mean, season one ended with the murder of the main character’s girlfriend once he realized he couldn’t control her anymore, so that alone should be enough to dispell the romance. For what it’s worth, the main actor Penn Bagley is completely aware of and troubled by the illogical attraction to his character and takes pains to dissuade any romanticizing of the plot. Anyway, season two sees our stalker Joe Goldberg starting up a new life in a new city with a new romance on the horizon.  Make no mistakes, this will not end well.

The Gift: Season One – December 27

This new Turkish series is a sort of supernatural mystery thriller about a talented and successful young painter discovering that she is somehow connected to an ancient civilization recently uncovered by archeologists. When she learns that the symbol she’s been painting her whole life was found in the ruins of an ancient Anatolian city, she begins a journey to uncover who she is and what it all means.

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The series looks dark and mysterious, but there’s no real clue about how this information ends up affecting her life. It is interesting that she has some kind of connection to this old civilization and a strange symbol, but what happens to her that makes it so urgent that she uncover the truth? Something must happen, otherwise, it seems like a casual research project that she could undertake in her spare time, like a genealogy study. The catalyzing agent is the most intriguing aspect of the plot to me at this moment. How exactly is her life thrown upsidedown by this information?