Awkwafina is Nora from Queens: Comedy Central drops first trailer

Comedy Central dropped the first trailer for Awkwafina is Nora from Queens. Cast, trailer breakdown, and premiere date. We’ve got the details!

Awkwafina does it all. She’s been a panelist on MTV’s Girl Code, had a break-out comedic role in Crazy Rich Asians, and made us feel all the feels in The Farewell. Now, it’s time to rule the sitcom world. Awkwafina, aka Nora Lum, is set to star in Awkwafina is Nora from Queens on Comedy Central. Per a report from Deadline, the series is set to premiere on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

The series follows 20-something Nora as she makes her way through life in Queens. Per Deadline’s original announcement of the show back in April of 2018, there are also some musical interludes within the show. The pilot is co-written by Awkwafina and Teresa Hsiao (Black Monday). They are also set to executive produce the show. Directors for the show will include Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll), Lucia Aniello (Broad City), Jamie Babbit (But I’m a Cheerleader), Steven Tsuchida (Younger), and Anu Valia (The Other Two).

You can watch the trailer for Awkwafina is Nora from Queens here. Awkwafina leads the cast as a woman in her twenties trying to figure things out. That ranges from the modern complexities of finding a job to the medium stakes endeavor of trying to remember your Social Security number. One of my two favorite parts of the trailer is Nora’s attempt at being a rideshare driver. It looks like she may get lost, but doesn’t want to give up on getting the fare to their destination. That leads to fear from the fare and a bicycle accident that has Nora fleeing the scene.

My other favorite part of the trailer is Lori Tan Chinn (Orange is the New Black) who plays Nora’s Grandma. She has no time for sloppy bank tellers. And she likes to kill people in video games GTA Style even when the game is kid-friendly like the SIMS. BD Wong (Mr. Robot) plays Nora’s Dad. From the looks of it, he’s just trying to ride out the storm of Nora and Grandma. Bowen Yang (SNL) plays her Cousin, who seems to be shocked at how bad Nora is at being an adult. Guest stars are set to include Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll), Celia Au (Lodge 49), Melissa Villaseñor (SNL), and Ming-Na Wen (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

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I’ve been excited for this since it was announced. I’ll be tuned in when the ten-episode first season of Awkwafina is Nora from Queens premieres on Comedy Central on January 22, 2020. Are you looking forward to the show? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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