Netflix releases full length Altered Carbon trailer for season two

Netflix has released a full-length trailer for season two of Altered Carbon and it looks even more epic than we could have hoped.

Season two of Altered Carbon drops on Netflix at the end of the month and the streaming service is starting to ramp up its advertising. Last week they released the first teaser, which gave us our first look at Anthony Mackie as the new Takeshi Kovacs. If you thought it was just a cool effect that he could call his guns into his very hands like a Jedi, guess again.

Netflix just dropped the first full-length trailer for Altered Carbon season two and Anthony Mackie can indeed call guns to his hands. Takeshi Kovacs has been re-sleeved into a military-grade model equipped with all sorts of cool abilities, including super healing, enhanced reaction time, and gun calling powers. He’s back where he started, on the god-forsaken rock of Harlan’s World. He swore he would never return, but he’s still looking for his lost love Quellquist and this is where he thinks he’ll find her.

And find her he does. The details are pretty hazy, but Kovacs has been awakened in order to complete some kind of mission, probably for the same people who provided him with the fancy new body: Khumalo Bioware. A woman tells him, “whatever you need, whatever it costs, cut out their stacks and bring them to me.” Brutal. My guess is that Quell is one of these people he’s meant to kill and he ends up going rogue to save her.

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A team is assembled, including last season’s trusty sidekick Poe, and battles are fought. Mackie’s Takeshi seems to be pretty confident of his ability to triumph until he has to go up against himself as played by Will Lee Yun. Who wins in a Kovacs vs. Kovacs match?

Season two of Altered Carbon premieres on February 27 on Netflix.

Source: Deadline 

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