Elite season 3, episode 3 recap: Cayetana and Valerio

MADRID, SPAIN - AUGUST 29: Claudia Salas, Jorge Lopez and Georgina Amoros attend "Elite" 2nd Season Premiere at Callao Cinema on August 29, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images for Netflix)
MADRID, SPAIN - AUGUST 29: Claudia Salas, Jorge Lopez and Georgina Amoros attend "Elite" 2nd Season Premiere at Callao Cinema on August 29, 2019 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images for Netflix) /

In episode 3 of Elite season 3, dangerous games are afoot—people are going to get hurt, and someone’s going to end up dead.

More suspects present themselves in the third episode of season 3 of Elite. As the episode name suggests, Cayetana and Valerio are the latest to be suspected of Polo’s murder. But why would Polo’s loving girlfriend and a fellow student who Polo had nothing to do with be suspects?

Considering Polo’s propensity for antagonizing everyone, it isn’t surprising. But this is Elite—even when you think you know what’s going on, you don’t.

The Twitter Account

If Polo thought he could go back to living life after escaping Guzmán’s clutches, he is very wrong. Since he won’t confess, Guzmán and Samuel are going to do it for him.

Enter the Twitter account—Guzmán and Samuel hack Polo’s account and incendiary tweet posts on his behalf. In the tweets, Polo confesses to the murder of Marina and even makes light of the matter.

Polo is horrified, especially because everyone in the school is seeing them. He really doesn’t want to be there anymore.

Guzmán and Samuel are called to the principal’s office, but they show no remorse—they want Polo punished and terrified. But the account is deactivated nonetheless.

At home, Polo tells his mothers he wants to leave school. But they ask him to be strong—leaving will give his schoolmates the impression that they’ve won.

So, Polo goes back to school, and the tweets continue, getting more and more personal. At Yeray’s IPO party, there’s a tweet about Polo trying to kill himself, as he had done after Ander had forsaken him in Elite season 2.

This is the last straw—Polo wants to leave, and his mothers agree. They don’t want him to suffer anymore. Cayetana, who has been by Polo’s side through so much of this, is all but forgotten.

But Polo’s dreams of escape are short-lived. The users of the Twitter account send the posts beyond the school, to the foreign schools Polo had hoped to attend. Now nobody will accept him, and he’s stuck with his tormentors. Guzmán and Samuel swear they no longer access the account, so who sent the latest tweet?

Polo has been so obsessed with keeping himself out of jail that he hasn’t noticed what’s happening around him. That his beloved Cayetana is so desperate for him to stay that she’s tweeting the worst things about him.

And that Valerio, who has ears everywhere, isn’t just trying to get into a relationship with Polo and Cayetana because they’re ‘unique’, but because he can get some leverage of his own.

By the end of this episode of Elite, Polo is dead, and Valerio and Cayetana are a couple. Valerio wants Cayetana to keep the Twitter account—and more—quiet. And Cayetana, whose tears are flowing freely, is hiding the blood dripping from her hand.

Ander’s Guilt

Ander never wanted Polo’s secret—knowing Polo killed Marina and not being able to tell Guzmán is eating him up. When he tells Guzmán and Samuel to stop using the Twitter account, they refuse, and Guzmán fights back even harder—telling Ander he has no right to say anything because he kept quiet about Marina’s death.

Guzmán doesn’t let up even when Ander tells them that Polo tried to kill himself—a point that Valerio takes careful note of. This upsets Ander, but it hurts more when Guzmán tells Ander that he will get what he deserves. Ander says nothing about the diagnosis of leukaemia he received in the previous episode.

And the guilt is so powerful that he decides to forego chemo—despite Omar’s pleas to the contrary. It is only at Yeray’s party when Guzmán pushes Ander away again that Omar can’t take anymore. He tells Guzmán the truth, and Guzmán—despite his many faults—immediately runs to his friend.

Ander isn’t happy with Omar for telling Guzmán, but giving up treatment because of guilt isn’t what anyone wants, least of all Guzmán. Ander not only goes to his next treatment but alongside Omar, Guzmán also joins him.

Samuel’s Mission

The Twitter account is Samuel’s way of getting back at Polo, but it isn’t the proof he needs to free Nano. However, the police have a way to do just that. If Samuel can plant a listening device in Rebeca’s home and help the police spy on her drug kingpin mother, Sandra, they can speak to the right people and free Nano.

Samuel doesn’t want to do this—where is the justice in people in positions of power talking to each other to get things done? Plus, Rebeca is Samuel’s girlfriend now—and she’s already massively insecure about his past relationship with Carla. Surely, he can’t betray her now.

But a run-in with Sandra changes Samuel’s mind—Sandra puts his life in danger by making him a drug mule in the second season of Elite, and she doesn’t even care. Plus, she has a terrible habit of making people feel bad about their station in life.

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To make matters worse, at Yeray’s party, Samuel sees Polo enjoying himself—all while Nano and their mother are in hiding.

Samuel can take no more—he goes straight to the police and tells them he’ll take on the mission. Then he goes to Rebeca’s home and makes an excuse to go to the kitchen, sneaking into Sandra’s office to place the bug. Hope Sandra doesn’t find out—or Rebeca.

Dodgy Romances

Yeray’s party is the centerpiece of this episode of Elite, and the man himself is nothing short of slick. He’s head over heels in love with Carla, who doesn’t care about him. But when she finds out that her family is practically bankrupt, she does what she can to win Yeray’s affection, even though she really only wants to be with Samuel. Carla’s manipulative father is turning out to be quite the villain.

Nadia and Malick are getting on well but he keeps pushing her boundaries. Nadia isn’t ready to introduce Malick to her parents, but when they confront her about her attempts to study abroad, Malick steps in, reassuring them that he will watch over her. Nadia doesn’t want a knight in shining armor but Malick doesn’t seem to understand that.

At Yeray’s party, Malick openly drinks alcohol and shares his philosophy of giving oneself three free chances. Nadia indulges him and takes off her scarf. Malick seems very permissive about most things—perhaps a bit too permissive?

But then he meets Omar, who tells Malick that he’s gay and suddenly Malick’s permissive attitude disappears. Can he really be right for Nadia if he can’t accept Omar?

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Final Thoughts

I’m interested to see how the diverging plots in this season of Elite will come together. It seemed to be about discovering who killed Polo and why but there’s more to the story now. With the characters expanding and more at stake than Polo’s life, it is going to be interesting to see what direction the season goes in the coming episodes.