She-Ra’s Final Season Announced by Showrunner, Noelle Stevenson

Netflix’s She-Ra and the Princesses of Power’s fifth season will also be its last, says the showrunner. We have all the details.

Following four highly-acclaimed seasons, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is set to come to an end with the upcoming fifth season, which will be available on Netflix on May 15, 2020.

Showrunner Noelle Stevenson told Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive interview that She-Ra had an original episode order of 52, which would be completed in the upcoming fifth season.

This news will come as a huge relief to fans—Stevenson has effectively confirmed that the show is coming to an organic end instead of being prematurely canceled, which has been the fate of numerous Netflix shows in the past.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power is a reboot of a fan-favourite cartoon from the 1980s, albeit now more styled towards a modern intersectional audience. When the show was announced and the first character designs unveiled, a small, yet vocal group of men criticized the design for being too childish but were swiftly shut down for demanding a sexualised character in a children’s show.

On the other hand, the wider audience praised the character designs and inclusivity, which the show’s content doubled down on. She-Ra not only features a complex and relatable protagonist in Adora, but has surrounded her with a range of characters who have realistic personalities and motivations.

Additionally, She-Ra has heavily queer-coded characters—though no explicit romances are shown on-screen—which has earned the show many fans and more praise.

Season 4 of She-Ra was particularly well-written, with characters’ loyalties being tested and difficult decisions having to be made. A number of plot points were grounded in real-life issues that women and marginalised groups face, which many felt made the show even more relevant to audiences than many of its counterparts in the world of animation.

The end of season 4 saw the protagonists and villains in disarray, with many characters having switched loyalties. Adora had found out that she was not the hero she believed herself to be but a part of a weapon that would cause untold destruction. All this against the background of Horde Prime’s imminent arrival.

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The final season of She-Ra will not only wrap up the shocking developments from the past season, but will also bring to a close a story that has touched a generation of young viewers and is paving the way for more inclusive and diverse content aimed at children.

Season 5 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will be available on Netflix from May 15.

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