Castlevania season 3, episode 3 recap: Investigators

In episode 203 of Netflix series Castlevania, Trevor and Sypha become investigators, Isaac has his ideas challenged, and Hector is still a prisoner.

Previously on Castlevania, Isaac (Adetokumboh M’Cormack) met The Captain (Lance Reddick) to continue his journey by sea. Also, Carmilla (Jaime Murray) laid out her scheme to convert humans to cattle, and Alucard (James Callis) met some vampire hunters, Taka (Toru Uchikado) and Sumi (Rila Fukushima). Episode 203 begins with Trevor (Richard Armitage) and Sypha (Alejandra Reynoso) discussing their road adventures.

Particularly memorable are the night creatures riding demon goats that dropped flaming excrement on townspeople below. They feel out of place in the town of Lindenfeld, and The Judge (Jason Isaacs) confirms that many people there worship Dracula (Graham McTavish).

He informs Trevor and Sypha that Lindenfeld had been ravaged by night creatures not long ago.  One of the monsters seemed to convert the monks in the priory, rather than simply slaughter them. Sypha is excited when they are tasked with investigating the matter.

The Captain as a moderating influence?

Castlevania may have thickened the plot by adding The Captain, as he seems capable of swaying Isaac away from his human-exterminating plans. At first, they discuss Isaac’s religion, which includes self-flagellation.

Then they discuss what it was like for him being Dracula’s servant. The Captain notes that because Dracula spared his life, perhaps even the vampire king wasn’t 100% on board with total extermination (if you recall, Dracula threw Isaac through a magical mirror into a desert).

Also, by noting that other vampires betrayed Dracula, it might be a reminder that ordinary humans aren’t the only ones capable of chicanery. As they head to Styria, The Captain says that Isaac has his own story to tell.

He notes that, were Isaac to kill all humans to end their cruelty, he would end human kindness, too. He says that Isaac should be a leader. Does The Captain wish to rule along with him?

Hector and Lenore

Castlevania has not been kind to Hector (Theo James), as he’s become Carmilla’s prisoner, and she has not treated him kindly. Still, Carmilla feels she may need his powers as a devil forge master.

Can Carmilla’s Council of Sisters convince Hector to aid in their scheme to dominate humans? Lenore (Jessica Brown Findlay) introduces herself to Hector as the diplomat of the bunch, giving him a blackberry. She also has some roasted chicken.

However, Hector grabs her throat through the cage bars, threatening to harm her if she doesn’t let him go. Rather than obeying, she turns into a colony of bats, then quickly reassembles to beat him in his cage savagely. It sounds like there’s more maggoty meat and moldy bread in Hector’s near future!

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