5 best Gilmore Girls characters to be quarantined with

Gilmore Girls - Courtesy of Neil Jacobs/Netflix
Gilmore Girls - Courtesy of Neil Jacobs/Netflix /

Gilmore Girls is getting us through the quarantine, so which characters would be best to get stuck indoors with for a long period?

I don’t know about you but with everything going on in the world right now, Gilmore Girls feels like just what the doctor ordered. All seven seasons and the revival are currently streaming on Netflix and watching the show feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket with a mug of hot cocoa.

We started to think about which characters from the series would be best to get stuck indoors with for an extended amount of time and here’s what we came up with!

5. Luke Danes

Luke is a great choice because not only can he cook but he’d great at giving you a firm reality check whenever you needed one. That said, his notorious grumpy demeanor might get old after awhile. It depends on what kind of person you are.

If you like being left alone then you and Luke would probably make for excellent quarantine companions and you’d always be able to count on the good, fluffy pancakes waiting for you in the mornings. Just make sure you don’t let him hide the decaf coffee.

4. Lorelai & Rory Gilmore

It would feel plain wrong to put one Gilmore girl on here without the other. Plus, let’s face it, there is no way you could be quarantined with Rory without Lorelai and vice versa.

This mother-daughter duo is the champion of junk food eating, sugar comas, and bad movie marathons. You guys would find plenty of stuff to keep you entertained, from watching classic films and relentlessly mocking them to trading witticisms and more.

Gilmore Girls
Gilmore Girls – Courtesy of Saeed Adyani/Netflix /

3. Emily Gilmore

If you’ve seen Gilmore Girls then you know why Emily Gilmore is the best. Remember how she acted during the episode where Trix died? Imagine getting to relax and share a martini with Emily when she’s totally in her element.

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Sure she might be a little uptight at first but once you’ve been inside with her for more than a week, odds are she’ll start loosening up. She probably knows tons of gossip about all the girls from her D.A.R. meetings to keep you both laughing for hours.

2. Sookie St. James

Melissa McCarthy might be a superstar A-list actress now but we’ll always know her best as Sookie St. James, Lorelai’s best friend, and a true expert chef. Sookie is arguably an even better chef than Luke, although she makes much fancier food while Luke tends toward the comforts.

But every night dining with Sookie would be like getting served by a Michelin-starred chef. Plus, she’s hilarious and her bubbly personality is infectious.

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1. Lane Kim

Lane is the person you would want to turn to when in need of sweet tunes. Her musical knowledge is unparalleled by anyone else in the series. Plus, chances are, she’ll be eager to get a break from Mrs. Kim so she’d definitely be down to orchestrate a complicated lie for how she’ll stay at your place instead of at her mom’s. Maybe she can even teach you to play the drums!

Bonus: Kirk

What can’t Kirk do? He literally has hundreds of jobs in Stars Hollow, including — but not limited to — mailman, hair salon sales associate, Taylor’s errand boy, actor, dog walker, internet technician, alarm system technician, the list goes on. Surely he’ll be able to help you out with any problems that arise while stuck inside. But make sure he leaves cat-Kirk at home.

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Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? Which character would you most like to get stuck inside with? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!