Disney Plus: 5 upcoming shows we’re most excited to watch

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Disney Plus
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We take a look at five original shows set to be released by Disney Plus and why we’re looking forward to watching each one of them.

Disney Plus, the latest streaming service to have us glued to our screens, has assembled a roster of some of our favorite programming. From Disney films and musicals to the Star Wars franchise and the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s plenty for fans of every genre to enjoy. What’s had most of us even more excited are the original series that are currently streaming on Disney Plus, as well as those that are scheduled to be released soon.

Star Wars spin-offs, The Mandalorian and the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars have already become fast favorites. With several other original series and spin-offs waiting to be seen, we list five shows that we cannot wait to watch.

5. Loki

The god of mischief is a fan-favorite character for most MCU viewers. Tom Hiddleston added layers to Loki from the moment the character was introduced in 2011’s Thor. Ever since people have been clamoring for Loki to get more screen time. The downside of not being the hero, however, is that you’re unlikely to get as much screen time as the rest of the Avengers. Not anymore though.

While details on the Disney Plus Loki show are sparing, we know that the limited series of six episodes will follow the antics of the alt-Loki for 2012. Though Loki was killed by Thanos is the prime timeline, an alternate version of him was accidentally created by Tony Stark when the time heist in Avengers: Endgame went south.

This pre-redemption Loki has the Tesseract, which gives him the ability to travel through space and possibly time as well. What shenanigans will he get up to? And will this villainous version of Loki also find redemption?