5 Parks and Recreation characters to be quarantined with

Parks and Recreation is the perfect sitcom to binge right now and it got us thinking about who we’d want to be in quarantine with.

Parks and Recreation may have aired its final season in 2015, but that doesn’t stop fans from continuously binge-watching the hit NBC sitcom. And, is there any better time than being in quarantine to catch up with our favorites?

I decided to sit down and figure out what five characters from Parks and Recreation that I’d like to be in quarantine with. This list was not easy to create. Unfortunately, I had to forgo some of my all-time favorite characters, such as April Ludgate. However, I’m pretty confident that this list would make for perfect quarantine partners.

5. Andy Dwyer

Sweet, sweet Andy Dwyer. His big-heart and childish mindset would be a perfect distraction from the world around us. Can you even imagine a dull moment with him? Andy would make sure we’re having a good time while locked in the house; even if that means playing hide-and-seek with a tarantula or shooting marshmallows at each other.

4. Li’l Sebastian

Yes, out of the entire roster of Parks and Recreation characters, I chose a famous horse to be in quarantine with. Something that I’ve discovered by spending a lot of time with my cat is that there’s nothing better than having an animal friend by your side.

Let’s also not forget that there’s much more to Li’l Sebastian than what meets the eye. He played a huge role in the world, such as being a goodwill ambassador for Indiana Veterans and traveling to Kuwait to entertain the troops. It would be an honor to be in quarantine with a legend like Li’l Sebastian.

3. Donna Meagle

Donna Meagle is the ultimate hype woman. She’s synonymous with the popular “treat yourself” and will always support your want to do something for you. In the mood for take-out? See something while online browsing? Treat yourself! Quarantine is rough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something for you, and Donna Meagle will be the first to tell you that.

2. Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson might lean more towards the pessimistic side, but imagine all of the mornings and nights eating breakfast together? Because, you know, breakfast is the best food. Also, we can’t forget his sense-of-humor that’s wrapped into his serious demeanor. His snide remakes are sure to get me laughing.

1. Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope is the obvious choice for the top spot on my quarantine list. She’s a role model to many and exactly who I want to be when I grow up. Quarantine would be the perfect time to gather some tips and tricks from the legend herself.

Plus, she’s proven herself as an amazing friend time and time again. Throwing compliments and playing hype woman to Ann Perkins to creating the iconic holiday, Galentine’s Day. Leslie Knope is definitely the friend everyone needs.

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Who on Parks and Recreation would you want to be in quarantine with? Make sure to let us know in the comments!