Heroes, Firefly, and 5 popular TV shows that deserve a reboot

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TV shows that deserve a reboot

Jessica Alba (left) and Michael Weatherly (right) from the cast of the new FOX series ‘Dark Angel’ talk with the nation’s tv critics at the FOX 2000 summer press tour in Pasadena, CA on friday, July 21, 2000. Photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images TV shows that deserve a reboot

For FanSided’s ‘Reboot Week’, we’re looking at popular TV shows that deserve a reboot. Every show on this list was gone too soon and deserve another shot.

TV shows come, and TV shows go, but some remain in the hearts of fans forever long after they’ve been canceled. For FanSided’s ‘Reboot Week,’ we look at five TV shows that deserve a reboot from after 2000, and after, each show was cut short but which deserve a reboot.

With the popularity of shows like Roswell, New Mexico proving how canceled shows can be given a new lease on life, we’re confident that the beloved shows on our list would have broad appeal if someone could just give them a second chance!

5. Dark Angel

A genetically enhanced super-soldier searches for her fellow soldiers while trying to hide from an organization hellbent on destroying all its experiments. Along the way, Max makes unlikely allies and friends and begins to discover more about herself.

Unlike several shows on this list, Dark Angel at least got a send-off when its two-season run was cut short. But that doesn’t mean it left fans satisfied—while the show was self-contained, there was plenty of cyberpunk history and world-building that was left to be explored.

And with its 20th anniversary coming up in 2020, now is the best time to start thinking of a reboot. Girl power stories have come a long way since the start of the 21st century—the often-monotonous Strong Female Characters™ have been replaced with nuanced, multi-dimensional women.

Why not reboot Dark Angel for a brand new audience, this time with a complex protagonist who is more than just a pair of fists with an attitude? Plus, the super-soldier spin has been far too male-oriented—a woman needs to be seen in this role! Dark Angel is just one of several TV shows that deserve a reboot.

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