The Office, Hawaii 5-0, and 13 TV remakes better than the original series

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TV remakes

QUEER EYE: We’re In Japan! – Credit: Bruce Yamakawa/Netflix tv remakes

Sometimes TV remakes do it right and somehow even wind up being better than their predecessor. These 13 shows turned out better than the original.

The term “remake” or “reboot” is often not met with a lot of excitement by fans of the original property. The entertainment industry is oversaturated with remakes of content that was already good. However, sometimes you get a rare reboot that succeeds where the original failed. We’re taking a look at some of the TV remakes that wound up being considered better than their parent series by the majority of fans.

13. Queer Eye

If you tell someone you’re watching Queer Eye, most people are automatically going to assume you’re talking about the Netflix reality series and the Fab Five. The original Queer Eye, which premiered on Bravo in 2003, had a lot of great things going for it, but by today’s comparisons, it was far less open-minded.

Netflix’s new version of Queer Eye opens the door for more sexualities, genders, and people from all walks of life. That’s not to say the original show is bad, just that the new one improves upon certain areas where the 2003 show faltered. The new Queer Eye is far more accepting and, in general, doesn’t fall into stereotypical traps or tired clichés.

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