Goosebumps: 5 things we hope to see in the brand-new series!

Goosebumps will officially be returning to our TVs with a brand-new series! Here’s a few things that we’d love to see in the new show!

Scholastic Entertainment has announced that Goosebumps will be returning to our small screens with a brand-new series! Neal H. Moritz, producer of the films Goosebumps and Goosebumps 2, will be making his return to the universe.

Goosebumps has been a big deal ever since its original book release, “Welcome to Dead House,” in 1992. The novella series spawned a hit live-action series in 1995, and most recently gave us two films starring Jack Black. And let’s not forget the fun merchandise that helped promote the series — from video games and board games to a life-sized Slappy.

Suppressing my excitement for the recently announced news is almost impossible, and I’ve already starting thinking about all of the things that I want to see in the new live-action series. Here’s a look at just five of those things!

5. A re-imagining of the original series’ theme song

One of the most iconic things about the original Goosebumps series is the John Frederick Lenz-composed theme song. I think I can speak for a majority of the series’ fans by saying that’s it one of the best theme songs of our time and a bop we’ll never grow tired of.

As iconic as that theme song is, I still welcome change. I would love to see what someone else could do with the original tune, but by making it their own. My only request? Please keep the creepy voice that reads the series’ tagline intertwined with the music.

4. We need more Slappy in the universe

Since Neal H. Moritz is tied to the project, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some Slappy-centric episodes in the series. Our favorite ventriloquist dummy created some major carnage in Goosebumps 2, and personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing more destruction caused by his plastic little hands.

3. A “One Day at Horrorland” episode

“One Day at Horrorland” is my all-time favorite Goosebumps story. The original Goosebumps TV-series gave this title a two-part episode that eventually found its way onto VHS and DVD. Later, the title spawned two video games, a board game and an entire book series. With the popularity of this episode, you can only expect that the new series would have at least one episode dedicated to the story, right?

2. Easter Eggs

I’m going to need Easter Eggs in the new Goosebumps series so that I can awe my friends with facts they probably won’t care about. People love Easter Eggs and cameos in their media. Nothing really pleases a long-time fan more than a director, writer, etc. giving them a shout-out by basically saying, “hey, remember the time that…?” It ends up feeling like a personal message, and in general, is just a lot fun to point them all out.

1. Continuity or Anthology?

It’s hard to decide what format I’d prefer in the new Goosebumps series. Should we throw it back and do an anthology series like the original? Or should there be a plot continuing throughout the series? Something I loved about the early Supernatural seasons was that each episode seemed to focus on a different case and supernatural being, yet there were still the major plot-points continuing throughout the entire season. Maybe Goosebumps can follow that pattern, and allow us to get to know a character while facing different monsters.

Are you looking forward to a brand new Goosebumps series? What Goosebumps books would you like to see on the small screen? Tell us all of your thoughts in the comments!