The Murder of Laci Peterson and 5 true crime miniseries to stream on Hulu

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You may have heard the phrase, “You never really know a person.” Well, we found five true crime series, on Hulu, that proves this statement holds some weight.

If you’re into true crime, then you already know the allure. True crime series pull at our need to know the answer to what happened. They have a way of creating suspense and throwing a curveball that makes the hair on our arms stick up.

There is a reason why true crime stories get picked apart and talked about over and over again. It is because once you get started watching them, you just can’t stop thinking about them. We have found five series on Hulu for you to sink your teeth into.

5. Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery

The true crime series Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery follows the disappearance of wife and mother of two Susan Cox Powell. Susan lived in West Valley City, Utah, with her husband and two boys Charles and Brayden. That is until one night she went missing.

On a cold December day, Susan Cox Powell was reported missing after failing to drop her kids off at daycare. This was a part of her regular routine.

When police arrived at the family’s home to check on them, they found that no one was home. The one thing they did find was that the couch was wet, and there was a random box fan blowing on it.

All of her belongings were also inside the house, but she was nowhere to be found.

Later on, her husband Josh Powell came home with the boys claiming that he took them on a camping trip. A camping trip with two little boys in the middle of winter? This sounds suspicious!

To catch the full story, you will have to check it out on Hulu! Do you think Josh looks guilty? Will they find Susan Cox Powell?

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