Netflix’s Hollywood Season 1, Episode 2: 5 key moments


Netflix’s Hollywood Season 1 introduces us to even more characters in “Hooray for Hollywood: Part 2!” Here are some key moments from the episode!

Netflix’s Hollywood Season 1 continues its premiere episode with “Hooray for Hollywood: Part 2.” In this second part, we are introduced to several more characters that are bound to make our Post WWII-Hollywood journey even more exciting.

Jack, once again, meets up with Avis, and Archie and Roy’s relationship starts to blossom. Here are some key moments from “Hooray for Hollywood: Part 2!”

Another night out with Avis

The Hollywood Season 1 premiere concluded with our aspiring actor-slash-prostitute Jack being arrested for lewd conduct and solicitation. “Hooray for Hollywood: Part 2” continues with Castello being released on bail, thanks to Ernie. Amidst a freak-out, Jack is reassured by Ernie, who informs him that being arrested is perfectly fine for his image. Those folks making movies? They’re rotten to the core.

Before he’s able to return home to his wife, who has zero knowledge of his arrest, Ernie tells him that Avis needs her tank filled again. Jack agrees to take on this client and spends time with Avis at an auction. Once he finally decides it’s time to go home so he can prepare for his morning screen test, Avis tells him that her husband is Ace Studios and that if he takes care of her tonight, then she’ll take care of him tomorrow. Jack, as expected, takes Avis up on the offer.

When he finally returns home, his wife calls him out on cheating and shouts at him to get out. This added stress is clearly no-good for the pregnancy, and this is made even more obvious when she shouts out in pain. The two rush to the hospital, where thankfully, the twins are safe, but Jack gets called out by the doctor because “women always find out.”

Raymond Ainsley gets the green light

Hollywood Season 1’s second episode introduces us to tons of new characters, one being Darren Criss’ Raymond Ainsley. Raymond is a promising half-Asian director who wants his first film to be Angel of Shanghai, with Anna May Wong being the star. After sending her a script, Raymond heads to her home where he asks if she’s interested in the lead role. Anna tells him that there is absolutely no one who would go see a film that’s been directed by a half-Asian and has an Asian woman as the lead.

Raymond meets with Dick Samuels, studio executive, to pitch his film and to say that he would like Anna in the lead role, especially as the actress was passed over for a role in The Good Earth, even though she was the best for it. Samuels tells him that Anna would be a tough sell, especially as she’s a bit of a drinker. He then urges Raymond to pick a film from a pile of scripts instead.

Raymond settles on Peg, the film that was written by Archie Coleman. The two meet up at the bar where Raymond excitedly shares the direction that he wants to take with Coleman’s script. He also tells Archie about how he plans on changing the way that people make movies.

We later see Raymond returning to Anna’s house to tell her the heartbreaking news: they are not making Angel of Shanghai, but there might be a chance after he’s done directing Peg.

Conflict between Camille and Claire

Netflix’s Hollywood Season 1 hasn’t dived too deep into the conflict between Camille, Raymond’s girlfriend, and Claire. However, Camille tells us right off the bat that Claire is her competition. With this information being so obviously thrown at us, I’m crossing my fingers for a more in-depth look into their relationship in future episodes.

During an acting class, Camille gets called out for a role. This sounds amazing until the director informs her she’s being cast for the maid role and that he’d prefer her to take on the stereotypical approach to that character (what would Hattie McDaniel do?). Although this isn’t a big move in her career, she still takes time to pop a bottle of champagne for her and Raymond, as he’s making a motion picture while she just had her first role on film.


Jack’s no good screentest

Jack Castello finally has his screentest, and wow, was it horrible. However, Ellen Kincaid (the casting exec who discovered the Judy Garland) is convinced that he has the “it” factor. Samuels’ decides that he’ll allow her to take him on as a project; leading her to offer Jack a contract of $25 a week.

Later on, Claire announces to Jack Castello that she is determined to score the lead role in Peg and slides in the comment that they are also casting the love interest. Coincidentally, he soon runs into Raymond and Archie in the studio’s lot. He tells the two that lunch is on him and that he’d like to discuss being cast in Peg. 

Roy and Archie’s relationship

At Golden Tip Gas, Roy Fitzgerald makes his return to see Archie Coleman. We also discover that Archie hasn’t charged Roy either time for their “get-togethers.”  The two have an in-depth conversation about interracial relationships and how it would never work. However, I can’t be the only one that’s already shipping them, right?!

Roy meets Henry Wilson

Jim Parsons makes his Netflix’s Hollywood debut in this episode as Henry Wilson. Roy Fitzgerald meets up with the Hollywood agent, who instantly decides to sign him, as his talent is knowing if someone has it in the first 30 seconds of meeting them. However, he must first work on his appearance, voice, and change his name to Rock Hudson. Oh, and one more catch: Roy must allow Henry to do sexual favors on him.

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