Home Before Dark Season 1, Episode 7 recap: Who is the man with the ‘Sinner’ tattoo?

In Home Before Dark Season 1, Episode 7, Hilde runs into an escaped Sam and learns a valuable clue toward the truth about what happened to Richie.

When we last saw Hilde, she and Izzy had just gotten into a massive fight at the school dance, resulting in Hilde running away. In Home Before Dark Season 1, Episode 7, we find out what happened to Hilde while her panicked family begins a desperate search to find her.

Unsurprisingly, Hilde finds Sam after leaving the school. Sam is now an escaped convict and fugitive who could get himself killed if the wrong person discovers him. Now that Frank has finally come around to the right side, he understands this and tries to dissuade Matt from contacting the police.

Matt wants his daughter found and would like to have multiple searchlights and helicopters out searching for her, but as Bridget, Trip, and pretty much everyone else points out, more cops also means more guns. Considering the Erie Harbor police department’s bad reputation, the last thing they want is a bunch of racist white cops chasing after Sam at night. As if that isn’t bad enough, Hilde is in the mix and could get caught in the crossfire if things go sideways.

Begrudgingly, Matt accepts these terms, so long as they can find Hilde and Sam within the hour. It’s not that Matt thinks Sam would do something to Hilde, but he’s wary of what she could get roped into if this is prolonged.

While the assembled team of adults begins their manhunt through the woods, Hilde tags along after a reluctant Sam who doesn’t want her following him any more than her parents do.

Sam is trying to escape, albeit slowly, since he is still in restraints. Hilde isn’t making his job any easier.

After hearing the sheriff tell Frank that he would never allow Sam to get out of prison, Sam took his brief moment of alone time and made a desperate break for it. It might have been stupid, but you can’t blame the guy for acting so rashly when he could spend the rest of his life behind bars for a crime he did not commit. He’s already wasted so many years of his life; at this point, even death looks like a release.

Hilde takes Sam to her garage to get him out of the cuffs, with some assistance from Sylvester, who is far from lucid and takes Sam for his teen self. He happily frees Sam and sends him and Hilde on their merry way.

Unfortunately, Sam doesn’t have many answers to give Hilde regarding Richie. The only thing he knows is that a man with a giant “sinner” tattoo on his forearm could be involved. He may or may not be the man that Sam believes was hurting Richie, as he often saw the kid sporting bruises.

By the time Sam gets to his final destination, an old airport with antique planes that his father used to tell him about, the police have finally caught up. Despite Frank’s attempts to keep his dad away, he got a call about Sam missing his return from furlough and caught on to the gamut anyway.

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He suspends Frank on the spot and is all ready to shoot Sam without question. But then Frank stands in front of the barrel of the gun, and Trip runs out in the field to persuade Sam into turning himself in.

A helpless Hilde is forced to watch from behind a fence as Sam is arrested again.  Matt, relieved to find his daughter, holds on to her as she cries out for him, knowing full well that he might suffer again once he returns to prison.

By the time the Liskos are making their quiet drive back home, Hilde hardly seems spooked at all by the experience. She’s just keen to continue her investigation and clear Sam’s name. She presses her dad for information on the tattooed man and asks him whether or not Richie was being abused. Matt shuts her down, and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Bridget.

At home, she asks him why he was so quick to dismiss Hilde’s line of questioning, and he tells her he’s trying to put the Richie Fife case behind him once and for all.

Richie’s disappearance has hung over the Lisko family like a dark cloud and created discord between Matt and Bridget, fraying their marriage. But can Matt sit idly by why Sam rots in prison? Even if he’s willing to give up, he’s not going to be able to convince Hilde to do the same.

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