Motherland: Fort Salem Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: Witchbomb

MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM - "Witchbomb" - (Freeform/David Bukach)
MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM - "Witchbomb" - (Freeform/David Bukach) /

Things are not ok in the Motherland: Fort Salem finale. Who can be trusted?

In the last episode of Motherland: Fort Salem the Bellweather Unit was informed about General Alder’s take over of the President. Even though she is breaking the rules, can she still be trusted to fight The Spree?

The Motherland: Fort Salem finale leaves us with more questions

We pick up at a soccer game and The Spree music is playing in the background. This can’t be good. A soccer player makes a soccer ball pop and turns the entire crowd. They all start chanting the same thing.

We return to the Bellweather Unit. They know about the attack on the soccer field and we find out that those patients are being treated. The girls are all getting dressed up for something while they talk. It seems the girls are gearing up for graduation.

General Alder (who has been promoted to a series regular for Season 2) is giving the commencement speech to the entire group of recruits. The girls are now to see where they are going to end up. They will either attend war college or join the army. The Bellweather Unit has been selected to join the army. No war college for them. Abigail is not happy about this outcome and we don’t blame her.

Motherland: Fort Salem finale
MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM – “Witchbomb” –  (Freeform/David Bukach) /

Motherland: Fort Salem finale: Who are the Spree really?

Anacostia goes to visit Scylla. Scylla tells her that she is a human being and not a witch. This opens a whole new realm of what The Spree really is. We are very curious and would like to learn more.

The Bellweather Unit is still coming to terms with their mission. There is a reason that they were selected and it has something to do with Khalida. Khalida wants them to find the rest of her people considering how this unit helped to heal her.

Raelle then finds her father after graduation. She informs him that she is deploying and that she did not get into War College. Raelle asks her dad about a charm that her mom had that was supposed to keep her safe. Raelle’s dad then gives Raelle an envelope that her mom wanted her to have after she graduated.

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Abigail finds her mother, Petra. Petra says that she has secured Abigail a spot in War College. The only thing is that only Abigail can go. The rest of her unit will be left behind.

Anacostia breaks the news to Tally and Raelle and they are both upset. But, they have to leave in 10 minutes for their mission. Raelle pleads to Anacostia to make sure that whoever gets Scylla, that they go easy on her.

Anacostia goes to Scylla again. Only this time she goes with a picture of her parents and asks what happened to them. She said that they would travel cross country in disguise. One day, the army showed up at their house and even though her parents surrendered, they were still killed.

Scylla says she fights for them. Anacostia then shares the story about how her parents died in a car crash. Anacostia says that the army became her family. Scylla says that The Spree gave her a purpose.

Motherland: Fort Salem finale: The girls prepare to board the aircraft

The girls are ready to deploy and are boarding a military aircraft. Adil asks about Abigail and the girls inform him that she isn’t coming. But, she shows up. We knew Abigail wouldn’t let the unit down. Alder seems pretty pleased.

Raelle opens the envelope her father gave to her. It is a letter from her mother. When Raelle puts her finger over her mom’s signature, her mother appears to read it to her.

The soldiers arrive in the Altai Mountains. Immediately, Tally knows they are being watched. Tally warns Alder and this time she takes Tally’s intel seriously. The witches settle down for the night and make a campfire. Alder talks to the Bellweather Unit. Tally lays it all out and calls Alder out for everything that has happened. Alder wants to make sure that they can trust each other, but she doesn’t feel like she has to explain herself to them.

Alder admits that what happened in their mission with The Spree was a tragedy, but she still won’t come clean about using the President as a puppet. What else was at stake that she is still defending her actions?

The next day, the group takes off and they find a witch that has been hung. Is this a message? Adil knows her as one of their elders. Adil feels an urgency to get to the cave in order to find his people. They press on.

Motherland: Fort Salem finale
MOTHERLAND: FORT SALEM – “Witchbomb” – (Freeform/David Bukach) /

The group enters the cave, but they don’t find anything. They only find a solid wall of rock. Adil seems to think that this is a good thing and that his people are hiding behind it for protection. He starts to work on the wall.

Adil gets the rock to move and they go further into the cave. They find his people but it looks like they do not want help. The witches can also see that Adil’s people are sick with the same thing Khalida had. It is a good thing Raelle can heal them.

Anacostia goes down to Scylla one last time and lets her go. Anacostia hands Scylla a lighter so she can walk out like someone else. Who does she choose to become? Anacostia.

Raelle is able to heal the kids, but this good feeling doesn’t last long. Tally informs the group that there are people outside of the cave waiting for them.

The witches leave the cave and are stepping out cautiously. A storm is coming. Tally says it can’t be The Spree because the people she feels are not witches. Just then, a man calls out after Alder. One of their greatest ancient enemies has returned. They seem to be using those ripped out vocal cords against the witches.

How did the Motherland: Fort Salem finale end?

As the storm comes in, Tally is using her powers to call the plays. She can see where these people are coming from with her mind. Alder and the rest of the witches go into a full attack. Their defenses don’t last long and they are getting wounded.

Their wounds look like the same illness Khalida had. General Alder has been hit. Tally saves Alder, but now Tally has taken on an illness.

The helicopter is about to take off, but the little boy runs off. Raelle goes after him and gives him her mom’s pin. Just as she goes to return to the helicopter, Raelle gets stabbed. Abigail stays behind to heal her and they both miss the helicopter.

When the girls hold hands a huge shock of black smoke goes into the air. Even Alder has no idea what happened. The girls get up and are walking together only they appear to be walking in their own force field.

We end with Scylla going to a house somewhere. Anacostia was actually following her. There does not seem to be much going on in this house. Just a few people hanging around. That is until Scylla gets to the kitchen, who is she talking to? Raelle’s mom? We didn’t see that one coming.

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There is so much left in the air, literally! Tally is sick. Raelle and Abigail are walking through the middle of nowhere. Scylla has been set free. Raelle’s mom is alive and could be Spree.

We don’t know if we can wait until Season 2 of Motherland: Fort Salem to find out all of the answers. But, we will have to! What did you think of the Motherland: Fort Salem finale? What do you think will happen next season?