Best Anime on Netflix: Haikyuu!!, Attack on Titan and more

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6. Best anime on Netflix: Death Note

Death Note was my introduction to anime, and OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was an unforgettable experience. During the span of its 37 episodes, the show has more twists and turns than a Typhoon.

The show starts with the show’s protagonist, Light, a high school genius, stumbling upon a notebook that has the ability to kill people just by writing their names on it.

This anime gave us two of the best-written characters in all of anime. One of the very best things about this show is that the so-called protagonist of the anime is not your typical good guy, he is twisted, and is often regarded as the antagonist by many, but you will still find yourself rooting for him.

And that’s that but you will find yourself being totally in love with the actual antagonist of the show, L, the best detective in the world (also the second and third best detective in the world are just his aliases), even more.

Death Note is dubbed brilliantly in English as well, so if you are new to anime and don’t want to jump to subs just yet, you can always try that, although subs are always the best.

The show has an amazing opening, the rules of the Death Note are convoluted and amusing, and the psychological cat-and-mouse thriller between Light and L is not only super gripping but breathtaking. There are loads of “Does he know that I know that he knows?” situations and speculations in it and every single mind games between these two is just mindblowing. The take on shinigami, the literal god of death is really fascinating as well.

Even though the series struggles during its final arc, it still finishes on a very strong note and is not just one of the best anime of Netflix but has established itself as one of the most popular anime on the planet.

5. Best anime on Netflix: Hunter x Hunter

Okay, there are seriously tons of shows and anime out there which focus on a group of young people with supernatural abilities with a certain charm and intrigue to it.

But what separates Hunter x Hunter to all those other shows and establishes its supremacy as not just one of the best anime on Netflix’s library but as one of the best shounen out there is how the anime’s world is so beautifully crafted and how there is a certain level of unique depth to all the important characters be it the protagonists, side characters, and especially the antagonists, which really makes you emotionally invested on a whole new level.

The subplots are quite unique too and they add to the story and your enjoyment as a whole making the show’s world really feel alive like its been there for ages.

Hunter x Hunter follows Gon Freecss, in his journey to become a Hunter just like his dad. Gon is a lovable protagonist and his loyalty and dedication to his friends and allies, and his determination to see the best in everybody is what really drives the series.

At the heart of the series is the friendship between him and Killua, a young boy from a family of assassins, and their dynamic and relationship are inspiring to see as they go up against much deadlier and experienced villains together. You will see pure determination and resolve like never before that is likely to strike you right in the feels.

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