Best Anime on Netflix: Haikyuu!!, Attack on Titan and more

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4. Best anime on Netflix: Haikyuu!!

There are lots of amazing sports anime out there, but there’s just something about Haikyuu!! that makes it so damn good. I mean I was never even interested in Volleyball but now somehow because of Haikyuu!!, it is like one of my favorite sports.

Like every other good shonen anime, Haikyuu!! too at its center has an amazing rivalry between two of its leads, Kageyama and Hinata. Although they accidentally end up on the same team, Karasuno, and eventually become partners and a formidable duo (also later on sparking gazillions of Kagehina Haikyuu!! fan-fictions), they never stop trying to be better than one another. To both of them, it’s their guiding force.

Everybody on Karasuno’s team is absolutely lovable and they all get their due screen time and go through loads of character development throughout the course of anime’s four seasons so far and that’s really impressive on its own but Haikyuu!! goes the extra mile to introduce a bunch of other characters from the opponents’ team and manages to give them all a beautiful and inspiring backstory that really humanizes the rivals and makes it super hard for you to even choose sides.

These supporting characters from other teams are what makes Haikyuu!!, Haikyuu!!.The show’s animation is beautiful, the openings are irresistible. And once you start watching it, you are sure to be hooked. Haikyuu!! is not just my favorite sports anime but has also become one of my favorite anime of all time and is easily one of the best anime on Netflix which is likely to change you for the better and you should go watch it right now.

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3. Best anime on Netflix: Code Geass

Evil can arise from the best of the intentions. Code Geass presents us with a diverse set of conflicting morality and really makes us understand where everybody is coming from.

Lelouch would go to any lengths to destroy Britannia while Suzaku wanted to change things from inside without bloodshed, both of them start out with their noble goals only to be corrupted with evil within and outside, and what unfolds as they both take actions in order to make the world a gentler place is worth every single second of your time.

Also, Lelouch is by far the best protagonist I have seen in all of anime, he is an incredibly well-written character, he is handsome, has strong motivations, who goes through his fair share of grief and losses throughout the series, is an incredibly handsome fellow with a killer personality and extremely high intellect, also his philosophy, I mean the words that came out of his mouth were so thought-provoking that it will force you to think about everything for a while.

Code Geass really has everything, there is mecha action for fans of the genre, superpowers, the storytelling and plot development really keeps on getting better and better, there is a heavy emotional investment, there is also some great highschool stuff and it emphasizes the power of love, friendship, and one’s own ideologies.

Once the show hooks you in, it never lets you go. There are various mind games going on between the characters in the center, there are tonnes of really interesting well-developed side characters, the chemistry between C2 and Lelouch is off the charts and the show’s finale remains unmatched to the date.

It’s a masterpiece that left a deep and profound impact on me. Forget it being one of the best anime on Netflix, it is easily one of the very best shows ever made.

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