Defending Jacob Season 2: Will there be another season?

Defending Jacob Season 2: Will there be another season of the show?

With the first season of Defending Jacob winding down, many fans are already wondering if there will be a Defending Jacob Season 2.

It’s hard to say if it would be possible, especially with a big movie star like Chris Evans attached to the project. Would he come back for another season?

How would Defending Jacob Season 2 work?

I think the odds of Evans returning or the story working for another eight episodes are slim. Even if Andy Barber did come back, it doesn’t seem like there would be much story left to tell once the central mystery concludes.

However, it could be interesting to make the series an anthology show. Every season could be “Defending Jamie,” “Defending Mark,” etc. If Evans does want to return, he could play a new character. Many anthologies reuse actors, even if they portray new characters — just look at American Horror Story.

Defending Jacob has proven to be a breakout hit for Apple TV+, so it would not surprise me if the fledgling streaming service wanted to hang onto it for a little longer.

However, it is not clear how much of that popularity is from Evans’s involvement versus people who are genuinely into the show.

Regardless, Apple TV+ has been renewal happy thus far, handing out Season 2 renewals to the majority of its shows even before they aired.

Truth Be Told is another show based on a book with an open-and-shut story. Apple renewed it, which means there could be hope for Defending Jacob Season 2. Octavia Spencer will return for Truth Be Told, although it will revolve around a new case.

Something similar could happen with Defending Jacob. Perhaps Evans could play Andy Barber again and return to his previous job as an attorney representing new clients in each follow-up season.

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Would you like to see Defending Jacob Season 2 happen? Do you think it should be an anthology? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The season finale of Defending Jacob will premiere tomorrow on Apple TV+