Amazon Prime’s The Feed season 1, episode 6 recap

The Feed stars Nina Toussaint-White and Guy Burnet (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for ZFF)
The Feed stars Nina Toussaint-White and Guy Burnet (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images for ZFF) /

Episode 6 of Amazon’s The Feed reveals who “the takers” probably are!

Previously on Amazon Prime’s The Feed, we learned that Lawrence Hatfield (David Thewlis) made a more profound imprint on the population than expected, by making the feed genetic. This led to his son, Tom Hatfield (Guy Burnet), leaking Lawrences’ speech against public freedom, which led to Lawrence stepping down from his weird empire.

Episode 6 begins with people experiencing some obvious sleep glitches linked to The Feed. We also quickly learn that Lawrence has himself been blocked from accessing The Feed. Things quickly take extra dark turns, however.

A Feed employee named Eric Bell (Jonathan Aris) invades the home of Evie (Clare-Hope Ashitey) and Max (Osy Ikhile). Meanwhile, Gil (Chris Reilly) is arrested, wanted for questioning as a possible inside agent who is corrupting security. He is to be replaced as head of security by Gwen Ashe (Anna Koval).

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In the meantime, Gil is interrogated by Sue Cole (Tanya Moodie), though it appears he’s had no hand in The Feed’s security breach.  In fact, it was Ben who downloaded the illegal app, leaking information.

Family feud over The Feed

We also see Lawrence trying to hack his way into the system he’s been booted out of — AKA the system he created.

Although we have a lighter moment where Tom tries coaching Danny (Shaquille Ali-Yebuah) on the skateboard, Tom is nevertheless planning to leave for Michigan with Kate (Nina Toussaint-White).

After Tom speaks to his mom, Meredith (Michelle Fairley), about the whole genetic Feed thing, he also meets with his brother, Ben (Jeremy Neumark Jones). Ben accuses Tom of destroying their father out of revenge, refusing to acknowledge that their father may have overstepped his bounds, and not just by a little bit.

Meanwhile, with Jane (Olwen Fouéré) watching baby Bea, Kate stops by to visit Evie. She has no idea that Evie and Max are busy being kidnapped by Eric Bell. By the time Tom shows up, everyone but Kate is secreted away, with Eve held at knifepoint.

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Lawrence the messiah?

Ben soon visits Lawrence, and it’s ultimately revealed that Ben is being haunted by smutty simulations of his estranged wife, Miyu (Jing Lusi). The two argue about the future of The Feed, with Ben saying Lawrence has done worse things than either himself or Tom.

Shortly after their volatile meetup, Lawrence dares to let a hostile reporter (Claire Rafferty) in for an interview. In addition to saying his brain functions at a higher level, he demonstrates a messiah complex. The reporter notes that the “public alarmism” he scoffs at actually keeps his ego in check.

Winding down

After this bizarre interview sequence, Kate and Tom search through Eric Bell’s house, finding a dead woman and dog in the closet. Elsewhere, Ben meets Miyu, showing her the sleazy simulation app that he downloaded, but trying to claim it belongs to Gil.

Then we see Lawrence meet with Sue Cole regarding a Frenchman named Francois Thomas. The question is, how did his “mundles” (memory bundles) end up in the brain of Sara Hoyt (Milly Thomas)?

However, Sue ends up arresting Lawrence, shortly after Eric Bell enters the building with Evie and Max as secret hostages. Eric Bell attempts to stab Lawrence when the man is escorted past. However, Tom tackles Eric to the ground, and Eric dies by his own knife blade.

As this goes on, we see that The Feed’s “SaveYou” app is not working on people anymore, which means violent glitches are likely to continue unabated. Sure enough, Max ends up stabbing Lawrence multiple times, and all signs point to Lawrence being a goner (then again, Max himself seemed to be near death not long ago).

It is also revealed that “the takers” — whoever is infiltrating The Feed — are probably supernatural, or ghosts.

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