Homecoming Season 2, Episode 2 recap: The Giest mystery unravels

Homecoming solves the age-old question–Who is Alex Eastern?

The second season of Homecoming is off to an interesting start. It doesn’t quite possess the “oomph” factor of season one, and I find myself rather confused just one episode in. Unfortunately, the second episode doesn’t do much to clear the confusion and further complicates an already random plot. But I digress.

But seriously, who is Alex Eastern?

This episode starts off with Jacqueline finally finding the car that belongs to the set of keys she’s been carrying around. Given that she has no idea who the heck she is, finding the car is a step in the right direction. Perhaps there will be some clues that will clear the amnesia she is experiencing.

In the car, she finds that the registration is under the name Alex Eastern, which doesn’t ring a bell. And then proceeds to find some cat litter, so NBD, there isn’t anything worth investigating into just yet. But what the registration does provide is an address, so with a taser in town, Jacqueline makes the trek out to figure out who the hell Alex Eastern is.

Upon arriving at the house, we find ourselves reconnecting with a familiar face, one that goes by the name of Audrey, who was a receptionist or assistant in the first season. While Jacqueline sneaks around to the backyard, we overhear Audrey’s conversation with Leonard Geist.

There’s obviously some shady connection between Geist and Homecoming, and I think it’s safe to guess Audrey is involved in it in some way, shape, or form. But our confusion is not cleared at all as we hear Audrey call Alex and demand a call back. The last time she spoke with Alex it seemed like things were very wrong, and now she can’t even get a hold of Alex.

Audrey heads to the office with Jacqueline following close behind. She needs to figure out what the heck is going on, and if it means stalking Audrey, then so be it. Unfortunately, she can’t get into the Homecoming/Geist/farm since she doesn’t have clearance, so she loses Audrey as she makes her way into the complex.

Operation ‘Figure Out What The Heck Is Going On’ commences

With no other way in but the front, Jacqueline strolls into the Geist offices while Audrey walks into the middle of preps for some sort of event at Geist. Not sure what it’s for, but Jacqueline is only able to eavesdrop for so long before an employee inquires if she’s there for testing. Sure, yes, that, testing, yup.

Apparently, she’s “late” for her testing and is promptly escorted to a room filled with people sitting at a round table. All of a sudden, the lights go red and a mist begins spreading around the room. Is this some sort of aroma test? What is this aroma going to do? Are we experiencing with some Homecoming level experimenting again?!

It turns out it was nothing of the sort and just a product demo for some of Geist’s products. Well, that’s a bummer, isn’t it? Meanwhile, Audrey tracks down Leonard who is all hyped up to give a speech at the launch later that day. It doesn’t seem like it will go well, and Audrey seems more nervous than ever. There’s new management to contend with, and she needs Leonard on his best behavior.

He’s not keen on listening, it is his company after all. Sorry, Audrey, you’re not going to win this one.

After a game of hide and seek, Jacqueline makes her way out of the testing room and sneaks into Audrey’s room to find out anything she can get her hands on. Like, who is Alex?! While she doesn’t find a whole lot, she does find vials that are the same as the ones back in the hotel room.

More confusion ensues as she finds a picture similar to the one she saw back in the hotel room, but this one doesn’t have her in it. What the heck is going on people? Is Jacqueline actually Alex Eastern? Is this some sort of weird plot she as a part of and then forgot about?

Leonard’s speech begins to take place, and it’s awkward and feisty. He won’t stop talking as he uses a strange metaphor to call out the new management. The guy isn’t happy with whatever is going on, and he’s on a path towards destruction. Luckily, Audrey is nearby to ensure this doesn’t happen, but she’s unlikely to be successful.

In the chaos of Leonard’s speech and balloons flying all around, Audrey and Jacqueline happen to look right at one another. There’s a sense of calm and familiarity in Audrey’s eyes as she sees Jacqueline from across the room, who is less than enthusiastic to reciprocate the joy.

And in the final moments of this Homecoming episode, we finally get the answer to our biggest question–who is Alex Eastern? Well, ladies and gentlemen, Alex = Jacqueline = Alex. Get it?

If that didn’t confuse the heck out of you, then what Audrey says next will. Where is Walter Cruz?

Homecoming certainly has our attention now, don’t they?

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