Hightown Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Junior does Osito’s dirty work

Hightown Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Rebellion Dogs

In Hightown Season 1, Episode 3, Jackie does whatever she has to in order to track down Krista, Renee reaches out to Ray, and Junior does Osito’s dirty work.

The episode begins with a brief flashback as we see how Junior and an Eminem-lookalike attempted to haul Sherry’s body overboard. The Eminem dude dips out, leaving Junior to take care of the problem.

“You’re the boat guy.”

Hightown Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Junior does Osito’s dirty work.

Back in the present, Junior and Jackie discuss Sherry’s murder case. Junior presses her, wondering why she’s fixating on the case. Jackie doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation. She has no clue how deep the rabbit hole goes, despite Junior attempting to warn her.

However, Junior does agree to be her sponsor, so that’s something.

In the middle of their conversation, Osito dials Junior.

“You may be straight with Frankie, but you ain’t straight with me.”

Clearly, he’s pissed about the whole “moon” thing.

Later, Junior visits his baby mama, and the two try and get down and dirty, but their romp between the sheets goes south when their baby starts crying. Osito tries to get in touch with Junior again.

Well, the Eminem guy isn’t done with Junior. Osito is pissed because Junior hasn’t gotten back to him yet. Junior learns that the hard way when he gets his head stuck in a car window while the driver revs the engine.

Since Junior didn’t call Osito back, Osito shows up at his house and takes him on a ride. Junior tries to apologize for the mess involving Sherry’s body. He tries to smooth things over by giving Osito the drug money he’d earned.

Osito tells him that Frankie wanted him to kill Junior and promises that if he killed him, he’d do it the right way. and no one would find him. Surprisingly, Osito says it wasn’t Junior’s fault that things went awry with Sherry’s body — Junior is just too soft. and Osito feels it is his job to toughen him up.

I get the feeling Junior’s going to learn whether he wants to or not.

Osito tries to lure him into a false sense of security by taking him to Remy’s, his favorite fast food restaurant, and asking him about Motorhead. Junior grows increasingly uneasy.

As I suspected, Osito wants Junior to go beat up the Remy’s employee that keeps messing with him by leaving the cheese off his burgers.

Junior tries to antagonize him so he doesn’t have to feel as guilty for beating him to the ground. When the employee calls him a junkie, that seems to trigger Junior’s primal side. Junior does what Osito wants, and even worse, he enjoyed it.

At the end of the night, Osito gives him his money back, plus some. Junior calls his girl and promises to take her out for a nice night in a hotel room.

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Hightown Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Jackie gets a new lead on Krista

Jackie and Ed go to court. Unfortunately for her, the trial goes sideways. The felony stands, and Jackie gets her license suspended. Checking out of rehab after only nine days certainly did not help her case.

To add a cherry on top of Junior’s hellish day, Jackie shows up, begging him to take her to back to Sherry and Krista’s old house. Needless to say, Lisa is not happy to see her again. At least not until Junior offers Lisa some of the heroin he got off of Osito’s guys.

Desperate for dope, Lisa immediately becomes more compliant. She gives Jackie an old suitcase Krista left behind at the house in exchange for the heroin. There is nothing in it except dirty laundry.

Jackie is pissed, both at the situation turning into a dead end and because Junior had dope on him. He promises that he’s sober, but he doesn’t explain why he had heroin on him. You’d think Jackie would ask a few more questions.

At home, Jackie looks through old photos, pictures of her, and her ex-girlfriend Devonne. She even tries calling her. Devonne doesn’t answer.

Feeling forlorn, Jackie visits one of Junior’s AA meetings. After the meeting, Jackie and Junior share a sweet moment. Junior apologizes for selling drugs, but says he’s “gotta do what he’s gotta do.” He has a kid to feed.

Determined not to give up, Jackie starts searching through the suitcase once again, tearing it apart fro any scrap of information she can find. Tucked inside one of the pockets on a pair of shorts, she finds a resident overview slip from Glendon homes. Krista wrote “creepy dude” on the last line.

Feeling reinvigorated in her case, Jackie returns to outpatient group therapy. She pretends that Krista was her old “road dog,” but her old enemy Bethany quickly realizes that she doesn’t know her, and they get into a fight in the courtyard.

Once Jackie admits the truth about why she’s looking for Krista, Bethany becomes a lot more accommodating. She tells Jackie that Krista had an old Italian sugar daddy, a man named Anthony Divaccario, and might be holed up with him somewhere.

On the downside, Jackie’s ex-fling Tina overhears the entire conversation. She dials up a mysterious person on her phone and tells them to call her back.

“Some b*tch is asking about that thing in Truro.”

Jackie tries to get in touch with Anthony, but he quickly hangs up when she mentions Krista’s name.

Instead of giving up, Jackie goes crawling back to her ex, telling her she’s sober again. The two have sex, and the morning after, Jackie asks to borrow her car, as is her pattern. Devonne calls her out for using her, but Jackie does it anyway.

She drives to Divaccario Construction, where she hopes to find Krista. We see a quick scene with Krista and Anthony in his car. It looks like she might be exchanging sex for safety.

Hightown Season 1

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Hightown Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Renee visits Frankie at prison

Renee visits Frankie at the prison for a little uh, conjugal visit. I guess he really does have that place on lockdown. It’s not hard to see why Renee works at the strip club and is being told to get close to Ray, Frankie gets turned on by it.

He legitimately wants Renee to start sleeping with Ray to help him get out of prison.

“I need you to step up and be resourceful,” he tells her.

Hightown Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Ray potentially gets a new informant

At the precinct, Ray tries to pressure the chief into taking the ongoing opioid crisis more seriously, not to much avail. He lies, saying he and Renee are constantly in contact. In reality, Ray hits her up with a few “hey” texts and she ignores them.

Ray finally gets Jackie’s message, and he reaches out to her. He agrees to send a patrol car to pick her up.

Ray realizes pretty fast that Jackie is obsessed with the case and doesn’t necessarily have any information they can actually use. Most of what she knows is just theoretical, and she doesn’t have concrete proof of anything involving Krista Collins.

He tells her, in no uncertain terms, to stay away from the case. But he does issue a BOLO for Krista.

Meanwhile, Ray investigates multiple Remy’s in the area to get more information on Osito. He knows it’s his favorite place based on the paper bag he threw out his window in the last episode during the sting operation that went wrong.

While Ray thinks knowing where Osito’s home Remy’s is helpful, his chief disagrees. He doesn’t want to waste time by making his guys sit on a fast food restaurant and instructs Ray to get a new informant.

Ray and Alan sit on Sherry’s old house and witness a man exit. They follow him. Not long after, the dude crashes into a car, having overdosed after shooting himself up with heroin. They use Narcan to revive him.

The guy gets spooked, freaks out, and hits the gas, seriously hurting Alan. Or at least, Ray says he hurt him. It could be a ploy to scare him and make him give up the goods on Osito.

Too bad the guy is way too out of it to give him any intel and passes out within a few moments. Ray tells the other guys to get him to a hospital and make sure he leaves.

And just as I suspected, in walks Alan. All he got was a mild sprain on his wrist, but Ray tells him to take the day off, probably to try and prevent his potential junkie informant from seeing him, which would ruin the guilt trip.

Hightown Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Renee seduces Ray

At Xavier’s, Osito comes by again with his girl Kathleen. Renee isn’t exactly happy to see him after their last meeting. He brings her some cold hard cash from Frankie.

Ray tries to hit up Renee again, with another “hey” text. This dude has no charm apparently, you’d think he’d come up with something more than “hey.”

Regardless, Renee responds this time, telling him she gets off work in an hour. Ray shows up with the iPad that the police department was awarded and gives it to Renee as a gift.

He offers to take her to dinner, but Renee suggests he take her home instead. It looks like she’s taking Frankie’s instructions seriously as she seduces Ray on the drive back to her house, and they get it on in the squad car.

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