Space Force Season 2: Will the series be renewed?

Space Force Season 2: Will the series be renewed?

If you finished binge-watching Steve Carrell’s new comedy series already, you’re probably wondering if there will be a Space Force Season 2. Unfortunately, it’s still too early for Netflix to make a decision, but that doesn’t mean the Space Force showrunner isn’t thinking ahead.

Space Force Season 2: Greg Daniels is prepping for another season

Greg Daniels recently spoke with Collider (that interview contains spoilers, so beware if you haven’t finished) about the cliffhanger ending of Season 1 and what he thinks about moving forward.

Daniels has already gotten a team together to begin plotting Space Force Season 2 should it receive the green light from the streaming service. He would like the show to run for at least another couple of seasons, which should be good news for fans.

If I had to make an educated guess as to whether or not Netflix will renew the comedy series or not, I would lean toward a renewal if only on the sheer popularity of Carrell.

Not only that, but given our current trying times, many people are stuck at home and watching television more than ever.

There is a good chance that even those that don’t love the series will watch enough of it to raise its viewing numbers on Netflix. Plus, people need comedy more than ever at the moment.

While Space Force wasn’t a huge hit with critics, general audiences seem to be enjoying it much more.

When would Space Force Season 2 premiere?

That said, even if Space Force does get renewed, odds are we won’t see it premiere on Netflix until 2022  at the earliest. For starters, the pandemic has caused production shutdowns across Hollywood.

The other potential hold-up might be the cast. Carrell is a big star who might have other projects to focus on before he can return for another season, the same can be said for a lot of the actors in the show. So I would not anticipate seeing a new season straightaway.

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Would you like Space Force Season 2 to happen? What do you think about the series overall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Season one of Space Force is now streaming on Netflix.