Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Season 1, Episode 6: How It Is With Brothers

Natalie Dormer as Rio in PENNY DREADFUL: CITY OF ANGELS, "How It Is With Brothers." Photo Credit: Warrick Page/SHOWTIME.
Natalie Dormer as Rio in PENNY DREADFUL: CITY OF ANGELS, "How It Is With Brothers." Photo Credit: Warrick Page/SHOWTIME. /

Detectives Michener and Tiago interrogate Diego in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels’ “How It Is With Brothers.”

Showtime’s Penny Dreadful: City of Angels“How It Is With Brothers” continues with the aftermath of Officer Reilly’s death. Detectives Tiago and Michener bring Diego in for questioning while Peter Craft is filing for divorce from Linda. Love is also in the air as Sister Molly shares her feelings for Tiago with her mother and Townsend spends some personal time with Kurt. Here are some of the more shocking moments from Penny Dreadful: City of Angels’ “How It Is With Brothers.”

What happened in Penny Dreadful: City of Angels “How It Is With Brothers?”

A majority of “How It Is With Brothers” deals with the interrogation of Diego, one of the Pachucos who hangs around Fly Rico. While taking the suspect to the room, Tiago is once again faced with racist remarks from his colleagues, with Officer Murphy at the helm. Captain Vanderhoff intervenes and tells Tiago and Michener that they have the first crack at Diego.

The detectives warn Diego that if he doesn’t come clean, he’ll end up in the gas chamber; he’s also told that the department is just looking for a Mexican to pin on the crime. Lewis ends up narrowing down that if it’s not Diego who killed Reilly then it must be the other person who was there. Diego refuses to speak but tells Lewis that he wants a drink so that he can be alone with Tiago.

Diego confronts Tiago because he realized that Tiago knows it was Mateo who murdered Reilly but hasn’t shared this information with his partner yet. He then asks Tiago to stage a scuffle with him; one where he’ll steal the gun and run free from the police department. Tiago, of course, rejects this plan.

Linda Craft is heading to a sanitarium

We don’t see much of Magda-as-Elsa but we do play witness of the result of Doctor Craft’s affair. He, originally, makes it sound as the divorce is to benefit Linda; Linda, as long as we’ve known her through this season, hasn’t seemed happy at all and that’s what Peter tells her. However, it’s clear that the divorce is really due to his romantic feelings for Elsa.

Linda asks Peter about the boys and tells him that they need a mother but his response is that they will have one without her. He then delivers the bad news: she’ll be checking into a sanitarium to help cure her “hysteria and intemperance.”  He also warns her that if she doesn’t go pleasantly then she will never talk to the boys again.

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels
PENNY DREADFUL: CITY OF ANGELS, “How It Is With Brothers.” Photo Credit: Warrick Page/SHOWTIME. /

Maria begs Mateo to come home

In a heartbreaking scene, Maria shows up at the hideout of Fly Rico, Rio, and Mateo. Rio answers the door to tell Maria that she’s not welcome there, but Mateo tells her to let his mother in. Both are in tears as Maria reassures Mateo that it doesn’t matter what he has done, all that matters is what he does now. She also reminds him that the Pachucos are not his family.

It almost seems as if Mateo will listen, especially as prior to her arrival he was planning on going to the police department to confess and get Diego out of trouble. However, he ends up telling her that Rio is right — that she is not welcome there.

Lewis helps Tiago protect Mateo

Interrogating Diego continues throughout the episode with Diego still trying to convince Tiago to stage a fight with him. But it’s not until Tiago overhears racist remarks from the other cops while sitting in the bathroom stall that he considers Diego’s plan.

When Tiago returns to the interrogation room, he sees Lewis questioning why Diego earlier shared a story about his brother and starts to question if the brother is involved with the murder. Diego finally speaks up to share that he doesn’t have one. Tiago, thinking that Diego is about to spill about Mateo, puts a gun to Diego’s head and shouts, “you killed him. Say you killed him.”

Tiago’s outrage causes Lewis to pull him outside of the room where he realizes that it wasn’t Diego’s brother, but instead, Tiago’s who murdered Reilly. After having a conversation about what happened, Lewis finally tells Tiago to say nothing. The detectives return to the room where Lewis tells Diego that he’ll be going to San Quentin and that he won’t be coming out. He tells him to confess to the murder of Reilly and go down a hero to his people.

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