Lost in Space season 2 finale recap: Ninety-Seven

LOST IN SPACE - Credit: Netflix
LOST IN SPACE - Credit: Netflix /

All hell breaks loose in the season 2 finale of Netflix’s Lost in Space.

Previously on Lost in Space, Maureen (Molly Parker) and John Robinson (Toby Stephens) were locked out of the Resolute as their kids pulled a trick to save the Scarecrow robot. Also, as Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) and Ben Adler (JJ Feild) set out to save Scarecrow, Will’s own robot (Brian Steele) was captured and used as a slave by Officer Hastings (Douglas Hodge), who also attempted to “change the historical narrative” by stranding John and Maureen in space. His effort failed, but just barely.

The season 2 final begins with Will and Adler, who successfully reach the planet that has the technology to save Scarecrow’d robo-life. However, Ben Adler appears to sacrifice himself in the process, dying in a planetary storm. On the bright side, he does thank Will for reminding him of who he used to be.

Meanwhile, back on the Resolute spacecraft, Judy (Taylor Russell) and Penny Robinson (Mina Sundwall) end up hiding their parents for a bit, then they work to free Will’s robot from Hastings. John ends up fighting numerous guards but receives valuable assistance from Don West (Ignacio Serricchio).

They do save the robot and encounter Dr. Smith/June Harris (Parker Posey), who claims she tried to stop Hastings. Shortly after this, Will and other colonists show up (despite Hastings trying to strand them), and Scarecrow is in much better shape.

Lost in Space: Alien robot invasion

At first, it seems Will’s robot refuses to take people to Alpha Centauri out of stubbornness. However, it’s revealed that a bunch of additional robots are in nearby spaceships, which is a source of danger.

The humans decide to use the alien robot engine as bait for these robots, knowing it is their prime directive when they arrive — and they do arrive. There’s also a mini-debate between Will and his parents. Will, one of the chief moralists in Lost in Space, doesn’t want to kill the robots. His parents, on the other hand, seem casual about the whole affair.

There are added technical difficulties, too, such as how the alien robots jam cameras on the Resolute by their mere presence. Fortunately, the humans (under Maureen’s guidance), craft a plan to use some electronic pulse which semi-freezes the alien robots in place.

However, there are massive fleets of additional alien robot ships underway, so the humans have to act fast. Also, the aliens can move at a very slow pace and are trying to unplug the electronic pulse slowing them down.

Ninety-Seven / Dr. Smith proves her worth

Where does this Lost in Space episode get its title? It’s determined that the Resolute’s ninety-seven children should be saved and sent to the Alpha Centauri colony. Judy initiates the mission as Captain, and they use a spare Jupiter equipped with the alien engine, piloted by Will’s Robot. At first, Dr, Smith seemed like she would jeopardize the mission, wanting to leave with just herself and the robot.

However, there is ultimately a surprise sacrifice on her part. As the children board the Jupiter transport. Dr. Smith dons a spacesuit and enters the room with the robot invaders, doing her best to prevent them from unplugging the pulse. She apparently dies in the process, stating beforehand to Maureen that the Robinsons are the closest to anyone who cared about her.  Aww!

Recognizing Will

In a surprise moment, one of the strange robots somehow recognizes Will. Though it appears to relent in its attack at first, it eventually charges up its blaster. Fortunately, Scarecrow actually intervenes, saving Will’s life and proving itself.

Things are still deadly, however. John and Maureen recognize the need to destroy the Resolute as others flee in their own Jupiters. It gives Maureen a chance to mention the craziness of the sci-fi trope, the “self-destruct sequence.” The decide a crash is best.

Moments, before they’d meet their demise in a fireball, Don West, shows up to save them again. The ninety-seven children escape through a space rift without their parents, meaning that, yes, they are still lost in space. However, Judy notices a radar signal of human origin and determines it’s from the Fortuna spacecraft, which was commanded by Grant Kelly, her biological father. In other words, season 3 may have at least one new character.

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