Hightown Episode 4 recap: Did Jackie fall off the wagon?

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Hightown Episode 4

Hightown – Courtesy of Mark Schafer/Starz

Hightown Episode 4 recap: Jackie’s life might be on the up-and-up.

Hightown Episode 4 begins with Jackie following up on her Krista lead, all the way to Delvicarrio’s construction lot. As one might have guessed, the guy is a monstrous piece of work. He has no desire to help Jackie and delights in telling her how Krista trades sex for favors.

Jackie walks off without a word and is driving when Ed calls her. He can hear the car radio in the background and warns her against driving without her license. However, he didn’t call to yell at her. Ed tells Jackie they have a “big f**king operation” going on tonight, and they need more bodies.

“A B.F.O.?” Since that’s the title of the episode, I imagine it’s going to be significant to the plot.

Ed tells Jackie to sit by her phone like a good girl and wait for the call. She needs not to screw this one up.

Outside, Jackie follows Anthony when she sees him peel off in his truck. She’s awful at following, so, of course, he catches on fast and slams on his brakes, sending her flying forward. She’s lucky she didn’t wreck the car — oh wait, Anthony breaks one of the headlights. That’s going to suck to explain to Devonne.

However, Jackie does have one ace in the hole.

She has Anthony’s landline and dials it to reach his wife, threatening to tell her everything if he doesn’t. Finally, he relents and tells Jackie where she can find Krista.

Once she gets there, she finds it empty. Jackie manages to cajole the housekeeper into granting her entry. She returns Krista’s suitcase and writes a note that we don’t see. In the middle of her inspection, she gets a call from her former boss, who informs her she’s been tapped to take part in the BFO going down that night.

Surprisingly, things don’t go terribly with Jackie and Devonne when she brings her car back. Jackie apologizes and promises she’ll pay for the damage. Devonne is impressed that she even bothered to say she was sorry. Jackie promises to take her on a romantic date the next day to make it up to her.

While Jackie may have ignored Junior’s advice to attend an AA meeting, Krista does go to one. She reveals that she is 47 days sober but struggling to stay that way.

Hightown Episode 4

Hightown – Courtesy of Jojo Whilden/Starz

Back at her hotel, she is not thrilled when she finds Jackie’s note, which says, “I was at Glendale. I know about Sherry. I want to help,” followed by her phone number.

She calls Anthony to ask if he told someone where she was, and he tells her that someone was looking for her (in more colorful terms) he also says that they’re over since he doesn’t want to risk his wife finding out.

After getting dressed for work, Jackie tries to call Krista’s motel room after not hearing from her. She doesn’t answer. Instead, Krista turns up at a drug den looking for a fix. It seems like Jackie may have inadvertently started the chain of dominos that leads Krista back to using.

At Jackie’s workplace, they get their marching orders from their boss. Some idiots are dragging clams in a contamination zone, so they gotta go play “fish police” and get them to stop.

During the “B.F.O.” Jackie, Ed, and the rest of their teammates are on the water when they get eyes on their suspects. Jackie recognizes one of them and tells Hunniker they could have a legitimate federal case if they follow him to Rhode Island — something about the water rules or state lines.

Hunniker is initially hesitant but decides he wants to catch the big fish instead of a little one, permitting them to follow him. They wind up making a hefty arrest and go out to a bar afterward to celebrate. It winds up being Jackie’s lucky night since Hunniker lets her back no the job. However, he warns her that if she messes up again, she’s SOL.

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