Hightown Season 2: Will the series return for more?

Hightown - Courtesy of CLAIRE FOLGER, © 2019 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Hightown - Courtesy of CLAIRE FOLGER, © 2019 Starz Entertainment, LLC /

Hightown Season 2: Will the series return for more?

Currently, we’re about to be a little over halfway through the first eight-episode season of Hightown. While we don’t yet know how things are going to end, many fans have started to wonder if we’ll get to see Hightown Season 2 happen.

Well, we have some good news! According to TVLine, Starz went ahead and renewed the series. It sounds like people are interested in learning more about life at the Cape.

The official press release from Starz says that Hightown has been the best-performing series across the Starz app and OTT platforms to date.

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While the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced series is not necessarily the highest-rated in its timeslot, it seems to be performing really well on streaming, which is the way of the future, especially for premium cable services like Starz.

“Audiences are already deeply engaged with these flawed and complex characters and in a second season we will continue to dive deeper into the relationships between them amidst the shifting tides on the Cape,” said Christina Davis, the original programming president at Starz.

Hightown Season 2: When might it premiere on Starz?

The next big question is when will we see the second season premiere? Season 1 is set to wrap up its finale on July 12. If productions are able to move forward soon as pandemic restrictions are slowly lifted, then it stands to reason that Hightown Season 2 might be able to start filming at a normal time.

If that happens, then I would anticipate Hightown premiering around the same time next year. If a second wave hits or there are further delays, then it might wind up being pushed back to late summer 2021.

Hightown feels like a natural fit for Starz’s summer slate, so I feel like the cabler will want to keep it that way if they are able to.

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Are you excited that Starz has given Hightown Season 2 the green light? What do you hope to see happen in Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

New episodes of Hightown air Sunday nights on Starz.