The Woods Season 1 finale recap: Ending explained

The Woods Season 1: How does David know Kamila is dead? Or is she?

In the previous episode of Netflix’s The Woods Season 1, Pawel confronts David about what happened in the woods in 1994. David claims that Pawel’s sister is dead and then commits suicide.

How does he know this? What else did David know that he never shared? Why did David kill Arthur? There are still so many questions to answer. Hopefully, The Woods Season 1 finale will give us those answers.

We start with Pawel being rushed into the hospital after David has shot him. We also see Pawel from 1994 and his mother telling him that she loves him before she leaves.

We then see Kamila and Daniel together having a good time on the beach, but someone is watching them — Malczak.

Malczak then goes back to the cabins and is knocking to find Monika. He then finds her in a hammock.

He calls her beautiful and asks to talk to her. We then see the clip from the first episode. Arthur, Daniel, and Pawel are all playing in the water, and Laura is taking pictures from the beach.

We see Adult Pawel wake up in the hospital. The inspector is there. He says that Pawel is no longer a suspect, and they confirmed that David killed Arthur. Since David is now dead, the case is closed.

Pawel calls Laura, but no answer. Pawel wants to get out of the hospital, but the doctor does not want him to go. Against doctor’s orders, Pawel gets his way.

Pawel goes to Laura’s. She does not want to answer the door. This whole situation is very similar to what happened in 1994 between the two of them.

Laura is with her husband. She is mourning her father, but her husband goes for the blunt question. He asks if she loves Pawel. Laura says she doesn’t know, and he pleads for her not to leave him.

Pawel is back at the coroner’s office. She is still working on the bones but has new information. The woman found has given birth before. Pawel is starting to think that these could be his mother’s bones. He swabs himself for DNA so that she can run a test. We think he could be on to something.

Pawel is then dropped off to see an older woman. He is there to ask for his sister-in-law’s case file, but she doesn’t want to give it to him. He then threatens blackmail, and she hands it over. But, he only gets to see it for two minutes.

Pawel then goes to see Arthur’s parents. He talks to Arthur’s mother and tells her that he knows everything. She then admits that Kamila is alive and that she hasn’t seen her in 25 years.

The Woods – Courtesy of Netflix/Krzysztof Wiktor

The Woods Season 1: What actually happened in the woods?

We flashback to camp. Malczak is telling Kamila that there is a surprise and is brings Arthur and Kamila around to another cabin. They both follow him. He shows them, Daniel and Monika, together in bed. Kamila asks why Malczak showed them, and he said they deserved to know. He then says they can teach them a lesson by starting a bonfire after the dance.

We then see this bonfire. Arthur, Monika, Daniel, Kamila, and Malzcak are all there. Daniel puts his arm around Kamila, but she is cold toward him. He is trying to figure out why, but she doesn’t tell him what she knows.

Malczak then says they should all go for a swim. When they say they don’t have bathing suits, Malczak insists they go skinny dipping. Kamila and Daniel take him up on this offer. When they are in the water, Kamila and Daniel take their clothes. Monika comes out of the water and ends up fighting Kamila. Kamila ends up strangling her. They can probably give her CPR or revive her, but Malczak takes out a knife and slits her throat. Malczak now says they are all in it together. This was his plan from the start.

Daniel, Kamila, and Arthur all run into the woods. Malczak is after them. Arthur hears someone coming up behind him. He turns and stabs without looking. It ends up being Daniel.

Kamila and Arthur make it back to the cabin. Their mothers meet them. Arthur tells them everything.

We are back in 2019. Arthur’s mother is telling Pawel everything that happened. Both of their mothers thought that hiding Arthur and Kamila for a few days would be best, but they ended up having to hide them forever. Pawel’s mother never told his father because she hated him.

Pawel is still left wondering why his mother left him.

He is then at his office telling his assistant everything. We still aren’t sure if Kamila is dead or alive? His assistant also has more information about the Klaudia case. The person who took the video comes forward. Pawel tries to convince him to give a testimony. His assistant also finds out that the bones in the morgue belong to his mother.

The Woods Season 1: How did Pawel’s mother die?

Now we have another murder! Who killed Pawel’s mother?

Pawel goes home but is greeted by Krzysztof. Pawel confronts him about the blackmail he left, and he admits it was him. Krzysztof then tells Pawel that he has a feeling his son’s case will be dismissed. This can’t be good for Pawel. There is then a knock on Pawel’s door. It is Laura.

Pawel wants to know why Laura has been avoiding him. Although he doesn’t get an answer, they share an intimate moment.

Pawel is then at his law firm. He has called his boss to a meeting to show him what he found on Klaudia’s case. He also gives her a piece of paper saying that he is resigning.  Pawel wants to fix things with the foundation and his own family. He is also afraid that Krzysztof will take the firm down.

Upon leaving the firm building, he talks to the press. He admits to stealing the money from the foundation, even though it wasn’t him. He claims he used the money to pay for his wife’s treatments. So, he is sending himself to jail.

Pawel is cleaning out his office when Arthur’s mom shows up with a letter. The letter is written by Kamila. Arthur’s mom then said that his mother wanted to come back for him. He then asks who she thinks killed his mom.

We go back to 1994. Both mothers are in a car talking. Arthur’s mom wants to tell the truth, but Pawel’s mom doesn’t. Pawel’s mother says that if she comes forward, not ever to mention Kamila. She also says that she would rather die than split up her children.

Pawel’s mother goes home and tells his father that she is leaving him. She says that she won’t leave without Pawel. He then tells her that he knows where Kamila is. He brings her out into the woods and digs another hole. She tells him that Kamila isn’t there. When she tries to go back to the car, Pawel’s father kills her.

Present-day Pawel and Laura return to the camp. He is thinking about his mother and the summer of 1994. Pawel tells Laura that maybe they were given a second chance, but both of them walk away.

We then see Pawel walking around a monastery. Could it be? Is Kamila there? He says her name to a woman, but the woman barely turns around. Is it her? We don’t know!

That’s it! That’s how it ends!

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We still feel like there is so much more to this story! Is that Kamila? How did she end up there? Will Pawel really take the fall for the embezzling and leave his daughter? What happened to Klaudia’s case? The Woods Season 1 has left us with so many questions we can’t help but want a Season 2!

What do you think? Watch The Woods Season 1 on Netflix right now! 

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