Love, Victor finale recap: Spring Fling

Love, Victor -- "Spring Fling" - Episode 110 -- Determined to give Mia one last perfect night, Victor takes her to the Spring Fling. Victor (Michael Cimino), shown. (Photo by: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu)
Love, Victor -- "Spring Fling" - Episode 110 -- Determined to give Mia one last perfect night, Victor takes her to the Spring Fling. Victor (Michael Cimino), shown. (Photo by: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu) /

Love, Victor’s season finale has us wanting more of the series.

Love, Victor‘s season finale is filled with so much drama and teenage angst, and I’m absolutely living for it. After moving to Creekwood from Texas, Victor has made amazing friends and is dating who’s considered the hottest girl at school.

The problem? Even though Mia is his favorite person, he realizes that he just doesn’t like her like that. Instead, he has eyes for his co-worker Benji, who happens to already have a boyfriend. In “Spring Fling,” he prepares to come out to Mia, but things don’t go as planned.

What happened in Love, Victor’s “Spring Fling?”

After Victor kissed Benji during their work trip, things haven’t felt normal between the two; Benji is even transferring to a new coffee joint in order to keep his distance from Victor. In an attempt to set things right again, Victor slips an apology note inside of Benji’s locker.

Meanwhile, Victor still hasn’t come out to his girlfriend, Mia, and is delaying the conversation until after the Spring Fling. Things haven’t been the best for Mia at home, discovering her father is getting remarried and Veronica is having a baby has really taken a toll on her mental health. Due to this, Victor wants to make sure that Mia has the best night at the Spring Fling.

Felix is also heading to the Spring Fling and with a date! And, unfortunately, that date isn’t Lake. While Felix is chatting with his friends, another Creekwood student named Wendy comes up to ask him to the dance. He agrees, which in turn, leads to an obviously jealous Lake announcing that she also has a date.

Seconds later, we learn that this isn’t true thanks to Mia calling her best friend out. Lake responds that she and Felix can’t be together because the two are from totally different worlds. She then tells Kieran, one of Andrew’s basketball pals, that he will be the one taking her to the Spring Fling.

Back at Mia’s house, Veronica is attempting to have a minute of girl-time with Mia. Veronica shows off a box of jewelry that she would love Mia to wear to the Spring Fling, however, Mia just isn’t having it. She tells her that the two don’t have the sort of relationship that has them sharing jewelry and laughing over a school dance. Before Veronica has a chance to really respond, Mia walks off to get ready.

Love, Victor
Love, Victor — “Spring Fling” – Episode 110 — Determined to give Mia one last perfect night, Victor takes her to the Spring Fling. Pilar (Isabella Ferreira), shown. (Photo by: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu) /

Remember that letter that Victor shoved into Benji’s locker? In the previous episode of Love, Victor, Pilar discovered the letter and took note that it was addressed to someone named B. She now believes her brother is cheating on Mia and is ranting about her family being filled with liars. Victor isn’t entirely sure where her anger towards him is coming from.

Lake, throughout the episode, is still attempting to make Felix jealous over Kieran. But not even she can handle Kieran’s conversations about how fantasy football works. On the other side of the relationship, Felix can’t stop watching Lake dance; something that Wendy definitely takes notice of. Wendy decides to use this moment to get the two a drink, and Pilar uses Wendy’s departure as the perfect time to question Felix about Victor’s secret. Felix tries to keep everything under wraps but lets it slip that B is someone Victor works with.

Victor ends up making eye contact with Benji at the Spring Fling, which causes him to run off to the bathroom to calm down. Benji follows and tells Victor that he read the letter and forgives him, but he also lets him know that his forgiveness doesn’t change anything — he still has a boyfriend and he needs to stay away from him. After Benji walks off, Victor is surprised to discover that Andrew was in a stall and heard everything.

Pilar confronts Benji while he’s arguing with Derek about leaving the dance. She asks about any girls the two work with and who Victor has gone on a work trip with. After Pilar walks away, Derek becomes curious about the line of questioning; he then urges Benji to share what’s going on. Felix finds Victor and alerts him that Pilar found a letter and that he saw her talking to Benji.

Things are obviously going horrible for Victor and he attempts to fix some of it by talking to Andrew about how he’s been trying to figure himself out, and that he loves Mia but not the way she wants. He assures Andrew that after the dance, he’ll come out to her. At the end of this conversation, Derek and Benji enter the hall arguing. Victor jumps in to share that none of it was Benji’s fault and that it was all a stupid mistake. He also promises that he will stay out of their way.

A few minutes later, Benji seeks out Victor who’s sitting outside. He tells him that he broke up with Derek, because things have been off for a while and that Derek is always making him feel bad for the things that he likes. To end the heartfelt conversation, Victor and Benji kiss. Unfortunately, Mia plays a witness to this embrace.

Love, Victor
Love, Victor — “Spring Fling” – Episode 110 — Determined to give Mia one last perfect night, Victor takes her to the Spring Fling. Benji (George Sear) and Victor (Michael Cimino), shown. (Photo by: Ali Goldstein/Hulu) /

Bad timing for Victor and Mia to actually win the Spring Fling King and Queen title, am I right? Since the two aren’t around to accept, Lake jumps on stage to accept on Mia’s behalf. She then urges Felix to join her to accept for Victor and announces to the entire room that Felix makes her happy. After getting the OK from Wendy, who assures him that it’s obvious he’s in love with Lake, he jumps on stage to kiss Lake.

Victor tries to damage control the situation with Mia who he found leaving with Andrew. He asks her what all Andrew has told her, only to have Mia respond that he didn’t tell her anything and instead saw him with Benji. Mia, heartbroken, walks off with Andrew, and Pilar steps into the scene to confront Victor. Victor tells her that he wants to tell her everything, and asks if they can go home, in which she agrees.

Arriving at Mia’s place, Andrew tells Mia not to beat herself up. Pretty girl falling in love with the closeted-gay kid? Andrew reassures her that it’s a tale as old as time. She thanks him for being there and invites him inside so they can continue hanging out. Andrew declines the offer, telling her that he doesn’t want to be the rebound. When Mia enters her home, Veronica is sitting on the couch and can tell that something is wrong; Mia doesn’t respond with words but instead hugs her as she cries.

Victor is finally home and is ready to come out to his parents. Yet, with the hours of being childless, the parents have had a lot of time to talk and decided that they need to temporarily separate to see if they still make sense together. This huge wrecking ball almost prevents Victor from coming out but our final scene is Victor telling them that he’s gay. Talk about major cliffhanger, huh?

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