Hightown Season 1, Episode 7 recap: Did Osito wind up killing Junior?

Hightown - Courtesy of JOJO WHILDEN, © 2019 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Hightown - Courtesy of JOJO WHILDEN, © 2019 Starz Entertainment, LLC /

Hightown Season 1, Episode 7 recap: Everybody’s Got A Cousin in Miami

Hightown‘s penultimate episode starts with what appears to be Ray and Sherry Henry’s first encounter. Hightown Season 1, Episode 7 shows Ray pulling Sherry over to the side of the road. He is as creepy and predatory toward her as he was toward Renee when they met.

We realize quickly that Ray is in the middle of a nightmare. Guilt over Sherry’s murder is eating away at him. From the opening moments, we can tell Ray is worried he won’t be able to keep Renee safe, and she’ll eventually meet the same fate as Sherry.

Perhaps inspired by his nightmare, or maybe because his feelings for Renee are actually real, Ray gets an early start the next day, takes care of Frankie Jr., and cooks her breakfast in bed. It’s a first for Renee, who has never had someone be so domestic with her before.

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It makes her wonder what Ray sees in her. Why is she special? She doesn’t mention what Frankie said in jail. Ray’s reasoning is simple; she makes him feel good.

Elsewhere, Jackie is on a mission to find out the truth. She tracks down Junior’s boat and questions Mike about the night of August 22. The trip wasn’t logged, which raises a red flag for Jackie. She pushes Ed for information, did he ever have reason to think Junior was a bad guy?

According to Ed, he got into trouble as a kid, beyond the drugs, but nothing too crazy. Still, once a liar, always a liar.

In jail, Frankie gets a cell phone through is many convoluted hookups and makes a call to Osito. He heard his main man got pinched by the cops, and he’s not thrilled. That said, Frankie trusts Osito. He can’t say the same for Junior.

Frankie wants Osito to take out Junior next, and to Osito’s credit, he doesn’t seem thrilled with the prospect. It appears he’s warmed to the guy. Further complicating matters is the irony of Frankie called Osito “loyal” when we know he’s stepping out on him with Wayne.

The phone call establishes Frankie knows Scotty the drug dealer was arrested, and within the next 30 seconds, Scotty’s dead.

Well, once Ray hears the news of Scotty’s murder, he immediately understands the drug dealer’s motive: he’s cleaning house. Junior could be next, although the cops don’t know who the “white boy” is yet, they know they need to track him down before he’s next on the chopping block.

Just as Ray is starting to get boots on the ground, Renee shows up to the precinct to return his jacket. She doesn’t mention finding the receipts, but it’s clear he doesn’t impress her with his shadiness and trying to rush her out the door.

Junior is still dodging Jackie’s calls and holed up in a motel somewhere. He devastates Donna with a phone call, telling her to leave him alone because he’s a killer. Then he gets high for the first time in years.

Unfortunately, it’s not over for Donna’s involvement since Osito and Kizzle show up at the house looking for Junior. Kizzle is a handful, needless to say, even Osito is over him. Despite his bad deeds, he operates by a code, and Kizzle is more of a loose cannon.

Jackie turns up not long after Osito and Kizzle to talk to Donna. She reveals where Junior is since he doesn’t know he has the Find my Friends app activated on his phone.

At the Captain Walker, Jackie confronts Junior, not that it matters much. He’s already given in to his base instincts. Osito and Kizzle come over the same time Jackie is there, Junior pretends she’s just a side piece. She calls Ray, and they meet up and put the pieces of their investigation together, leading to Ray putting a BOLO out for Osito’s car.

Jackie convinces Ray to take her along for the ride as they head to O’Donnells, where they assume Osito has taken Junior to finish the job. Unfortunately, they got the destination wrong as Osito and Kizzle instead take Junior way into the woods somewhere.

As I expected, though, Osito is sick of Kizzle and Frankie. Instead of killing Junior, he kills Kizzle. He and Junior work together to hide his body. Osito warns him that if they find Kizzle’s body, it’s over for both of them, but he’s sick of Frankie and his gang. He’s the one out there doing the dirty work, after all.

Then Ray gets a call that they found Osito’s car in Bourne so he and Jackie head straight there. Osito already took care of the car, so of course, they find it attached to some other random guy who doesn’t want to give up how he got the car. Ray threatens to call ICE on him, instead Jackie talks to him on a human level and finds out what they need to know.

He also reveals that he gave Osito and Junior a bus ticket to Miami. During a surprisingly touching scene, Osito and Junior part ways with Osito sending Junior off to Miami on a bus and warning him not to come back anytime soon or they’re both going to wind up screwed.

Hightown Season 1, Episode 7 ending: Who killed Junior?

Jackie and Ray track down the bus they believe is carrying Junior. Ray wants him to testify against Frankie. However, it turns out Junior isn’t on the bus! Instead of heading toward Miami, he stops at a restaurant for food and overdoses in the bathroom. It definitely looks like he’s dead!

Now at first, I took Junior’s death at face value — assuming he may have overdosed on his own. However, looking back at his final scene with Osito, you could clearly tell that he was thinking about something toward the end.

While the scene was touching, it also had a deliberate air of tension to it, as if something was brewing beneath the surface. We also know that Junior told Osito he was going to Dibby’s first.

So, did Osito kill Junior, after all? I did not think about it until I saw an article from Meaww presenting the possibility, alongside with some people on Twitter theorizing on the real killer. Now I believe that is the likely answer. He could have used the fentanyl they had initially intended to use on Krista to do it.

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What did you think about Hightown Season 1, Episode 7? Did Osito actually kill Junior, or did he do it himself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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