Curon, Season 1, Episode 2 recap: The Day After

Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix
Curon - Courtesy of Loris T. Zambelli / Netflix /

Episode 2 of Netflix’s Curon proposes 2 kinds of wolves.

Curons season 1 premiere, “The Black Lake,” was quite mysterious, and episode 2 keeps the ball rolling. Or should we say “It keeps the bell ringing”? It begins with the tolling of bells, which apparently signifies a haunted psyche in the small Italian town of Curon.

Daria (Margherita Morchio) tells Mauro (Federico Russo) he must’ve seen strange things because he was drunk. However, their grandfather, Thomas (Luca Lionello), does seem to be hiding something (or some things). Mauro confronts Thomas about seeing a person in the attic, and also asks why it was locked. Interestingly, when Thomas opens the door now, the room has no furniture.

In the premiere, Daria seemed to develop a relationship with Micki (Juju Di Domenico), though it wasn’t clear how serious the intentions were. Things get complicated by Lukas (Luca Castellano), who has a long0running crush on Micki. He gets jealous when Micki and Dari are paired together in a class taught by Micki’s mom, Klara (Anna Ferzetti).

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Klara discusses a fictional work’s theme of everyone having two wolves inside of them — a calm wolf and a dark wolf. Considering that Thomas literally has a pet wolf, it seems like an eerie coincidence. Klara suggests that the wolf you feed more is the one who “wins.”

Mauro gets in an argument with Lukas, resulting in the dropping and shattering of a jar.

Curon: The mystery gets more specific

Micki invites Daria and Mauro out for lunch. There’s a bit of a problem, though: Micki also makes plans with Lukas later. As a sign of possible jealousy and hostility at Daria and Mauro, Lukas punches a mirror, hurting his hand.

What’s odd, though, is that the mirror doesn’t break or even noticeably crack. Meanwhile, a truck full of Curon jerks tells Micki’s brother, Giulio (Giulio Brizzi), about her kissing Daria.

Mauro and Lukas meet and chat, and Lukas apologizes for what happened in class. He also asks Mauro if he’s scared of living in the hotel, Specifically, Lukas mentions disappearances, murders, violence, and suicides. Are these things really only legends?

Shortly after this, the boatman warns Mauro about going near his boats again. Later, Lukas tells Mauro about some Curon history, including vague details about how Italians and Germans fought over the dam. The place used to be Austrian, becoming Italian after World War I. Lukas also says
Thomas decided to flood the old village.

Awkward dinners and cave wolves

When Daria and Mauro sit with the Asper family for dinner, they don’t seem very welcome at the table. In fact, Curon has a current of hostility running through it. Micki’s dad, Albert (Alessandro Tedeschi), isn’t one for conversation and seems abusive to Giulio.

Meanwhile, Thomas is out looking for Anna Raina (Valeria Bilello). He enters a cave carrying a lantern and a shotgun. However, instead of finding Anna there, he encounters a wolf. He does, however, apparently find her phone in the grass outside and Mauro happens to be calling.

More drama

Curon offers up some extra drama. There’s some graffiti at school about Micki kissing Daria, which Micki blames Lukas for. Later at his home, Lukas gets depressed, not even cheered up by his dad (Giuseppe Gandini) and their cat named Figaro.

Things take more of a supernatural turn, though: Lukas sees a sort of a “dark self” in the mirror, which harks back to the earlier theme of two wolves. On the vaguely lighter side, Micki and Daria target practice on the outside frame of an abandoned camper, and Micki is apparently a good shot. Will this come into play later? Probably.

The drone and the phone

As we saw in the premiere, Mauro’s a big fan of his drone. He now pilots it through the house, and he unexpectedly encounters Albert Asper. In trying to explain his presence, Albert explains that he and Mauro’s mother used to be good friends. Mauro notes that his mom hasn’t been responding to his calls.

Albert apparently leaves without incident, but Mauro tells Daria he thinks grandma killed herself in a room in the hotel. It’s revealed that Anna’s phone is now in her jacket, which is still in the house.

The episode ends with Lukas being mentally traumatized by the tolling of the bell, and he sees a more sinister version of himself emerging from the water, similar to what Mauro had previously envisioned of himself.

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