The Boys Season 2 teaser trailer and why the series is so great

Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video
Photo: The Boys.. Jan Thijs/Amazon Prime Video /

Amazon Prime has a new teaser trailer for The Boys Season 2!

Set to premiere on September 4, 2020,  Amazon Prime’s The Boys  Season 2 looks like it might get intense. Yes, the trailer might be disturbing to some viewers, due to some gory visuals and graphic language.

While going by at breakneck speed, many of the gory, bizarre visuals could drop jaws regardless of context. Then again, if you’re familiar with season one, you probably had a rough idea of what this trailer might contain. The Boys series is based on the book by Garth Ennis.

The first season was released on July 26, 2019, and Amazon Prime was so confident in its success that they renewed the series even before its premiere.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series is “a sour and cynical take on the deconstructed superhero team-up genre, accentuating a general theme of misanthropy that other similar shows…haven’t always gone for.” In any case, the season did not suffer an unusually long hiatus due to coronavirus, or any other possible setbacks.

The Boys Season 2: What’s it about again?

Cynical aspects aside, the show is potentially uproariously funny for those with a dark sense of humor, and especially for those jaded by the standard hero-worship so common to the superhero & broader science fiction genres. The teaser trailer only hints at elements that can make their new season popular.

Last year, The Boys premiered with Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) rather reluctantly teaming up with vigilante Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and his “Boys” to take on morally repugnant superheroes (“Supes”) called The Seven and the Seven’s corporate handlers, Vought International.

Hughie was particularly hostile to A-Train (Jessie T. Usher), who accidentally yet callously killed Hughie’s girlfriend (Jess Salgueiro). Butcher, however, had a special animosity reserved for Homelander (Antony Starr), The Seven’s Superman-like leader — who is a power-mad, accomplished sadist. Along the way, The Boys unexpectedly team up with animal-like, Wolverine-esque Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), as well as a member of The Seven named Starlight (Erin Moriarty).

The Boys
The Boys season 2 Wanted Poster teaser art. Image courtesy Amazon Prime Video /

Why The Boys Season 2 should be solid

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While specifics in the teaser trailer are scarce, it’s obvious that The Boys are now on the run. By the end of season one, we saw that both The Boys and the Supes were part of something bigger. There was obviously a plan to bio-engineer superpowered human beings, and that Vought was the official face of these schemes.

We did get a glimpse into the plan, and it was nothing short of sinister. In season 2, you’ll surely see more of what they’re up to, whether or not you think it’s possible to complete the mission of subverting Vought while being fugitives.

The trailer also continued to tease tensions between Billy Butcher and Hughie. If you recall, by the season one finale, the two were almost actually enemies themselves. Then, of course, there was a pretty fascinating revelation between Billy and Homelander.

Another interesting question: Will Hughie makeup with Starlight, or will her unusual, blinding light not shine for him anymore? It shall be interesting for fans. Also, those unfamiliar with the series still have 2 full months to play catch up, should they so choose.

Other questions for The Boys Season 2

Season one offered only minor hints about the identity of Kimiko. In fact, she was often too busy trying to fend off attacks to tell her story. She is also on the quiet side (to say the least). We do, however, know that her powers stem from Compound V and that she was encaged as part of experiments. This, of course, only strengthens her character’s associations with Marvel’s Wolverine.

By the end of season one, every member of The Boys had reason to be concerned with the future. This includes Billy Butcher, who was wrong about what happened to his wife. We can predict developments that push characters into drastically different directions. Also, the trailer has a mood not entirely unlike, say, Rick & Morty. Do you think this is a bad thing?

Why we need The Boys Season 2 and more

Thematically, Homelander and Vought International were willing to keep people ransom, under the guise of keeping them safe. To complicate things, heroes sometimes do save people’s lives. Still, you can’t ignore every bad thing heroes do just because they are sometimes good. In other words, The Boys is willing to challenge the concept of hero worship.

We saw Homelander sacrifice lives to meet advance his political ambitions, in a scene that was both powerful, disturbing, and haunting aboard a commercial flight. There’s every impression that he, and Vought, don’t truly care about the people they are supposed to protect. If they’ve helped create supervillains, or if they’ve temporarily crippled hospitals and businesses, they’ll do their very best to spin it to their advantage.

Also, when troubles arise at work or home, we see Starlight needing to decide whether to return to “normal” or make bold new decisions. Viewers will surely recognize broader implications there. She questioned the “old ways” — including the way her birth mother (Ann Cusack) took her life and spun it into a superhero existence. Starlight represents the starry-eyed yet star-crossed person who wants to believe, yet ultimately faces the reality that challenges her beliefs.

The Boys Season 2: Apocalyptic much?

The Boys also suggests that, rather than solely facing a natural apocalypse, (like an asteroid crash), we have to also worry about problems we create for ourselves, be it a nuclear bomb or social strife. Superhero stories offer our imaginations a new “apocalypse-of-the week.

However, our greatest fears aren’t just contained in a comic book’s pages or a one-hour episode. In fact, real problems are a lot more devastating because they’re often not directly caused by a single villain but a confluence of factors. Even our heroes can be bad or downright kill us.  This series actually reminds us of that, while being entertaining.

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What are your thoughts on The Boys? Are you looking forward to The Boys Season 2? Let us know in the comments!

The Boys Season 2 will debut on September 4.