Hightown: Atkins Estimond talks about Osito’s character journey and more

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Show Snob: Right, I think people read the guilt and weren’t sure which way it went, but that’s kind of an interesting thing about the scene is people can get multiple readings out of it. I loved that final moment so much, but I was like, “ugh, I’m sad I might not get to see them together anymore!”

AE: Absolutely. [Laughs] Yeah, I felt like a lot of people wanted to see an Osito/Junior team taking on the streets next season. That was not in the cards.

Show Snob: Maybe he’ll come back as a ghost or something.

AE: That’ll work too!

Show Snob: Are there any other characters that you’d like to work with more going forward? I don’t think Osito and Jackie have had many interactions.

AE: Yeah! I would definitely love to work with Jackie more, Monica [Raymund, who plays Jackie] is not just a fantastic actor but a fantastic person. I would love to have some more time with her on-screen. Really, I feel like everybody.

“It’s a great finale, and I think people will definitely be shocked by what they see.”

I mean primarily it was just me and Junior, even with Frankie — who is my other big relationship, with him being in prison most of our contact was via phone. There was only one scene where you see us face-to-face.

I’d love to get more time with all the other characters. Definitely Badge, James Badge Dale [who plays Ray] is amazing. I love the interrogation scene that I had with him and that first scene where he comes to the autobody shop and kind of stumbles upon me. I love working with him and the result is something cool.

Show Snob: I’d like to see more between Osito and Kathleen, too, just based on his description of her is amusing.

AE: Oh yeah, absolutely, that’s bae! Definitely need to get her in there more, too.

Show Snob: Switching gears a little, did you guys get to film any of Hightown in Cape Cod at all?

AE: Yes, though I actually didn’t get to. Production went to Cape Cod for about nine days, I just didn’t have any scenes in Cape Cod. So, unfortunately, I didn’t get to go, although everybody was telling me [about it] and I had some serious FOMO.

Show Snob: Awe, hopefully next season!

AE: Hopefully! The whole production went so when they weren’t working, they got to kind of be tourists out there. From what I heard, everyone had a really good time. Hopefully next season I may get a shot at that. But we primarily shot on stages in Brooklyn, and all the exterior things that weren’t in Cape Cod, a lot of that was filmed in Long Island.

Show Snob: If there was anything you could tease about the finale or about Hightown Season 2, what would it be?

AE: Oh man, just, whatever you think is probably going to happen, you’re completely off. It was very much a surprise to me while reading it. It’s a great finale, and I think people will definitely be shocked by what they see.

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This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

The season finale of Hightown airs Sunday night at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Starz, and will also be available via the Starz app and channel add-on.