Hightown: 5 questions we need answered in Season 2

Hightown - Courtesy of Jeff Neumann, © 2019 Starz Entertainment, LLC
Hightown - Courtesy of Jeff Neumann, © 2019 Starz Entertainment, LLC /
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4. Will Jackie continue trying to get Frankie arrested?

As mentioned in the previous question, it seems likely that Jackie will continue her crusade against Frankie. She was seen spying on him toward the end of the finale. He was responsible for multiple murders, including Junior‘s, albeit indirectly.

I can’t see Jackie just letting that go. Now that she could potentially have a formal position with the police precinct, even as a liaison, it would figure she’d try and continue her investigation, potentially with Ray by her side.

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3. How will Renee handle Frankie being out of jail?

I’m hoping that Renee will have a more interesting storyline in Hightown Season 2. To see her interacting with Frankie on a daily basis, as husband and wife, is something we’ve yet to see on the show.

Will their relationships become stronger with him out of jail? Or will it fall apart?

We’ll also get to see if he is genuinely a good father and plans to uphold all the extravagant promises he made to her about taking care of her forever. I’m curious about whether or not Frankie is a cheater, too. It wasn’t really explored in the first season but him being out of jail adds a lot of new possibilities into the mix.